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Lasell Bulletin 

Annual Fund Issue 


Officers and Directors 



Susan Shaw Abbott '61 

First Vice-President 

Lucinda Nolin Johnson '55 

Recording Secretary 

Nancye VanDeusen Connor '57 

Corresponding Secretary 

Shirley Gould Chesebro '33 


Ruth Buswell Isaacson '36 

Assistant Treasurer 

Carol Ann Civetti Monaghan '59 

Alumnae Fund Committee 

Alice Pratt Brown '29, Chairman 
Sandra Poole Adams '59 

Medallion Committee Chairman 

Joy Gustavson Smith '50 

Nominating Committee Chairman 

Ruth Turner Crosby '42 

Scholarship Committee Chairman 

Linda Levine Goulston '62 


Mildred Bell Cole '31 
Louise Tardive! Higgins '37 
Faye Wadhams Smith '38 
Janet Dean Hannula '44 
Penny Ratkin Hurwitz '56 
Sandra Shelton Fitch '56 
Francine Cohn Jaffe '62 
Sally Remley Southmayd '62 
Marsha Keyes Tucker '64 
Sara Jane Osborne '64 
Pamela Shaw Lafaver '70 

Alumnae Secretary 

Marjorie MacClymon '32 


Joy Stewart Rice '55 

Alumnae Editor 

Marjorie MacClymon '32 

September, 1975 
Vol. XIII No. 1 


The President's Page 

Introducing . 

Frances Atwood: A Committed Curator and Creator 

4 10th Annual Presentations of Medallions 

6 Capital/Annual What's the Difference? 

7 Fund Report 

14 Class Notes 

20 Bits and Pieces 

21 There is only one Lasell 

Photo Credits: H. Robert Case 

Cover Photographs: H. Robert Case 

Design: The Editor 

Printing: Crimson Printing Company 
Cambridge, Ma. 

The Lasell Bulletin is published six times a year in September, November, January, March, 
May and July by Lasell Junior College, 1844 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, Mass. 02166. 
Second class postage paid at Boston, Ma. and additional mailing offices. 

The President's Page 

Coming to Lasell as its sixth President is both an 
honor and a challenge. I have long been impressed 
with the reputation and traditions of this outstanding 
women's college and my purpose shall be to main- 
tain the high standards of excellence it has enjoyed. 

Being the oldest junior college in the nation is a fact 
of history. Being the finest private, two year college 
is the responsibility not only of the President but of 
the faculty and staff — and, of course, the students 
whom we serve. Over the years Lasell alumnae have 
demonstrated their interest and support to their 
college and I trust that this loyalty will continue as 

The past years have indeed been difficult ones for 
all of higher education as we see some renowned 
institutions having to cease operating due to mount- 
ing financial pressures. Lasell has experienced 
escalating costs also and this calls for prudent man- 
agement controls. But, at the same time, we must 
maintain the quality of education that one expects at 
Lasell. Maintaining this quality is one of my major 
priorities and always will be. 

It is human to claim that Lasell is "the finest junior 
college in the country." So, let me share with you 
one fact that will attest to just such a statement. As 
students arrived on campus this September we found 
that 84% of last year's freshmen are returning for 
their senior year. This is known in academic circles 
as "Retention Rate" and I mention it because ours 
is remarkably high, in fact, the envy of many other 
institutions. This, I feel, is due in great measure to 
the Lasell life style, an outstanding faculty and the 
continuing traditions that are so much a part of the 
College. I believe we have viable programs for young 
women today that will attract increasing numbers 
of students to Lasell in the future. 

As the college approaches its 125th year, I ask you 
to join with me in a rededication of our efforts to 
assure its continued success. Higher education faces 
many critical problems in the next decade but I 
accept the challenge of leadership at this time with 
confidence and with faith in the future of Lasell. 


Introducing . . . 

"Admissions today, more than ever, requires 
a well organized, excellently staffed and suffi- 
ciently funded approach in recruiting the most 
qualified women to attend Lasell. 

"The staff we now have, the funds are ade- 
quate and the organizational and operational 
functions are in the last planning stages." 

.... Harry G. Adamian, Dean of Admissions 

As Lasell enters the 1975-76 academic year — 
and as the College views the admissions goals 
for the remainder of this decade, a new Admis- 
sions staff has taken a hard look at the objec- 
tives — and has expanded its programming 
and planning in order to effectively and real- 
istically meet the needs of both the College — 
and those young women who will be seeking 
to make the most of the challenges that the 
years ahead will hold. 

You will be hearing more about the Lasell 
Admissions program and reading more about 
the staff and its many functions in coming 
issues of the Lasell Bulletin, but we would 
like to take the space at this time to introduce 
you to: 

The new faces in Irwin Hall (the Admissions Office). L to R 
Carolyn Copeland, Dean Adamian, Julie Oldham and 
Suzanne Hill. 

HARRY G. ADAMIAN, Dean of Admissions 

A resident of Arlington, Ma., Mr. Adamian was 
named Dean of Admissions at Lasell early this 
summer. A graduate of Lowell State College 
(Lowell, Ma.) with a B.S. in Education, Mr. 
Adamian also holds a Master's degree in Edu- 
cation from Salem State College (Salem, Ma.). 

Prior to coming to the College, Mr. Adamian 
was a teacher in the Woburn (Ma.) school 
system for 12 years, was Assistant Director of 
Admissions and Assistant Professor of 
Education at Bentley College and held the 
position of Director of Admissions at Dean 
Junior College. 

Mr. Adamian is certified by the state of 
Massachusetts in many fields including: Guid- 
ance Director, Guidance Counselor, General 
Supervisor, Elementary School Teacher and 
Elementary School Principal. 

CAROLYN COPELAND, Admissions Counselor 

A native of Corning, N.Y., Miss Copeland is a 
1973 graduate of Lasell and a 1975 graduate 
of Elmira College (Elmira, N.Y.). She has a 
B.A. in Elementary Education/Psychology. 

A Lasell Chair winner, Miss Copeland has 
had various admissions experiences at Lasell, 
Corning Community College (Corning, N.Y.) 
and Elmira College. 

SUZANNE L. HILL, Admissions Counselor 

Another alumna (from New Hartford, N.Y.), 
Miss Hill graduated from the College in 1972. 
She holds a B.S. degree from Boston College 
School of Management (January, 1975). 

While at Lasell, Miss Hill served on the 
Executive Council, the Parietal Committee 
and was Chairman of the Honors Board. At 
Boston College she held a position as Trans- 
fer Assistant and was a member of the 
Finance Academy. 

Suzanne is the sister of Barbara Hill Rowe, 
Lasell '63. 

JULIE LOU OLDHAM, Admissions Counselor 

Coming from West Peru, Maine, Miss Oldham 
is also a Lasell graduate. A member of the Class 
of 1974, Miss Oldham was awarded an A.S. in 
Retailing. As a student at Lasell, Miss Oldham 
was named to Who's Who in American Junior 

After graduation from the College, she was 
a member of the Junior Executive Training 
Program at Grover Cronin's in Waltham, Ma., 
and held the position of Head Personnel Clerk, 
Store Manager's Division, until assuming her 
duties at Lasell as a member of the Admissions 

Curator and Creator-Lasell 1953-1975 

by June Babcock 

Frances Atwood: As a lasting tribute to the Director of the 
Library, the Periodical Room of the new Brennan Library 
was named in her honor. 

A graduate of Simmons College, 
Frances Atwood joined the Lasell fac- 
ulty in 1953 as Director of the Library. 
At that time, the Library was located in 
the one-time college dining room in 
the basement of Bragdon, and Miss 
Atwood's office was a windowless 
cubbyhole that had once been a kind 
of pantry. There were approximately 
7500 books listed in the catalogue 
files, and the staff consisted of the 
Director, one assistant and occasional 
parttime student help. 

It was hardly an inspiring situation. 
But almost immediately it became 
apparent that a new spirit was at work 
in the place: brightly cushioned chairs 
were added, library hours were ex- 
tended and each year, during National 
Library Week, the colorful book dis- 
plays attracted more and more stu- 
dents, staff and faculty. And the annual 
Library Tea — what an occasion that 
was! We remember the tons of food, 
beautifully served, and Miss Atwood's 
mother, graciously greeting everyone 
as guest of honor. 

It was no surprise to anyone that the 
Library almost immediately outgrew 
its cramped and make-shift quarters. 
Therefore, an extension was provided 
by knocking down a couple of walls 
and utilizing classrooms 10, 11 and 12 
to allow space for additional stacks 
and a reading room. Although tempo- 
rarily meeting the needs of the emer- 
gency, the set-up was still far from 
ideal, and it soon became clear that 
still another arrangement would have 
to be made. 

It was Dr. Tewksbury who, in 1964, 
first suggested that the College apply 
to the federal government for one of 
the grants then being made available 
through HEW for the construction of 
collegiate libraries. It may have seemed 
like an impossible dream, but, after two 
years of filing reports and compiling 
statistics, the word came: Lasell would 
have its new, large, modern, self- 
contained Library. 

No one can ever estimate the number 
of hours of planning and consulting 
that Miss Atwood undertook at this 

point but today, thanks to her efforts, 
Dr. Tewksbury's foresight and Mrs. 
Brennan's generosity, the Lasell Li- 
brary is one of the finest in New Eng- 
land. It houses 47,871 * books, boasts 
a special children's corner and an 
audio-visual room, and the Director's 
office is large and airy with lots of 

A less committed person might have 
rested on her laurels at this point, but 
not Miss Atwood. In 1972 she became 
the motivating force behind the crea- 
tion of one of Lasell's most recent 
academic innovations, the Library 
Technology Program. 

But Miss Atwood is more than a 
curator of books and a planner of 
academic programs. She is an organ- 
ist of nearly professional excellence; 
she knits beautifully — sweaters embel- 
lished with elaborate cables; and, 
when not enjoying her summer home 
in Manomet, travels extensively. She 
has visited Bermuda many times, the 
British Isles, the Azores, the Aegean 
Islands and most of the countries of 
continental Europe. 

At Miss Atwood's retirement party, 
Dean Pollock mentioned the affection 
and respect with which she is regarded 
by the students and faculty who have 
been her friends these many years. 
How could it be otherwise? Her 
patience, her loyalty, her sense of 
humor — these are rare qualities in- 
deed. Happy retirement, Fran! 

*Also included are 393 periodicals, 1,300 
boxes of microfilm, 1,844 record albums 
and tapes and 3,000 slides. 

About the Author: 

Miss June Babcock was a member of the 
Lasell College community from 1942 until 
her retirement in 1972. She served the 
College in many capacities including Act- 
ing President. Dean and member of the 

10th Annual Presentation of 
Medallions Highlights 

On the occasion of the tenth presentation of Lasell 
Medallions — Lasell Alumnae Incorporated was priv- 
ileged to honor alumnae and friends of the College 
who "have added distinction to the name of Lasell." 

These Medallions are the gift of Mr. Chester Lasell 
— grandson of Josiah Lasell, co-principal of the 
Seminary 1852 to 1861 and brother of founder 
Edward Lasell. 

This years Medallions were presented at the 
Reunion luncheon by Lucinda Nolin Johnson '55, 
Vice President of Lasell Alumnae, Inc. 

Anne F. Greene .... 

Lasell Alumnae Incorporated is proud to honor 
Anne F. Greene, the gracious and charming wife of 
former president, Kenneth M. Greene. 

Anne received her Bachelor of Science degree 
from Simmons College; a Master of Education from 
Massachusetts State College at Fitchburg. She has 
done additional graduate work at Boston University 
and Columbia University's Teachers College. Anne 
has taught both primary and elementary school in 
Brookline and Newton; nursery school in the Second 
Congregational Church, West Newton. She studied 
voice with Greta Milius and Adele Babcock of the 
New England Conservatory; has been a soloist with 
the Auburndale Congregational Church Choir and 
with the combined Congregational-Methodist Church 
choirs. Her civic activities have included the Auburn- 
dale Garden Club and Jackson Homestead; the 
College has named the Garden niche at the Brennan 
Library in her honor. 

Her high standards are a continuing encourage- 
ment to her husband and three children — Jocelyn, 
Janet and Kenneth, Jr. — all of whom have distin- 
guished themselves in scholarship and the acquisi- 
tion of honors throughout their school and college 

We shall long remember Anne's contribution to the 
graciousness and warmth of Lasell Junior College. 
She has transcended the role of the President's 
wife and has left the influence of an admirable and 
unique personality on the College community. 

We present this Medallion to Mrs. Greene with our 
sincerest thanks. Good luck, Anne, in your new 
environment and endeavors. 

Sharing alumnae honors are the 1975 Medallion recipients; 
Roberta Morrill Houghton '35, Alfred C. Edwards and 
Anne F. Greene. 

Alfred C. Edwards 

It is a distinct privilege for Lasell Alumnae Incorpo- 
rated to honor an outstanding and dedicated gentle- 
man of the Lasell family, Alfred C. Edwards of New 
Canaan, Connecticut. Mr. Edwards was presented 
the Lasell Junior College Award at the 1973 Com- 
mencement exercises. The award is made in recogni- 
tion of outstanding service to the College. 

A member of the Board of Trustees since 1969, 
Mr. Edwards is also Vice President of the College 
Corporation, Chairman of the College's Develop- 
ment Council and General Chairman of the present 
Capital Campaign, The Program for 76. 

Mr. Edwards has a distinguished record of achieve- 
ment in the numerous endeavors to which he has 
devoted his life, among them serving as Chairman 
of the Board of Holt, Rinehart and Winston Publish- 
ing Company, and Vice President and Director of the 
Columbia Broadcasting System. He has recently 
served as consultant to both firms. 

Mr. Edwards has been a Vice President of the 
American Book Publishers Council; served on vari- 
ous committees of the Association of American 
Publishers. He maintained a long and close friend- 
ship with the late Robert Frost; is a trustee of his 
estate and has acquired a unique collection of Frost 
manuscripts and memorabilia. 

Mr. Edwards is a graduate of the Wharton School 
of the University of Pennsylvania; holds an honorary 
degree from Middlebury College. Daughter, Gail, is 
a Lasell graduate — Class of 1967. 

Lasell Alumnae Incorporated is indeed proud to 
present a Medallion to our distinguished friend, 

Roberta Morrill Houghton '35 

M. Adele Brown '38 

Another Medallion recipient to be honored today 
is a distinguished alumna — Dr. Roberta Morrill 
Houghton '35 — on the occasion of her 40th Reunion. 

Roberta is Co-ordinator of Curriculum, Testing 
and Developmental Skills at Chapel Hill-Chauncy 
Hall School in Waltham, Massachusetts. She came 
to Lasell from Nashua, New Hampshire; continued 
her education at Leland Powers; received a B.S. and 
Doctorate in Education from Boston University. She 
received her Master's in Speech at the University of 
Florida and has studied educational television at 
the University of Wisconsin. 

Roberta has a varied and fascinating background. 
For five summers she was a member of the Booth- 
bay Playhouse resident acting company. Her interest 
in drama has manifested itself in many areas of her 
professional career. She was Chairman of Speech 
and Drama at Lasell for four years — 1944-1948 — 
while here established and directed the Workshop 
Players. She assumed chairmanship of Speech and 
Modern Languages and Directed Studies at St. 
Petersburg Junior College. At St. Petersburg Mrs. 
Houghton established and directed the Playmakers 
and Children's Theatre — the first children's theatre 
on Florida's West Coast. Because of her knowledge 
and expertise, she was sent to the University of 
Puerto Rico as an observer when the University 
established its bilingual program. She wrote, directed 
and produced a commemorative pageant for the 
Florida Educational Association as well as an out- 
door pageant celebrating the 25th anniversary of 
St. Petersburg Junior College. She was the author 
of a series of six programs on drama appreciation 
for educational TV; has published in the Players 
Magazine and Speech Teacher. 

Mrs. Houghton is listed in Who's Who of American 
Women, and is a member of the Executive Board of 
Boston University Alumni and Executive Board of 
Lambda Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma. She has 
been a member of Boston University and Lasell 
Fund Raising Committees; is a past president of the 
National Junior Collegiate Players, Florida Speech 
Association and Pinellas County Speech Association. 

We are delighted to have her husband Dick join 
her today; also son Colin, a student at Boston Uni- 
versity's School of Education, and daughter Kathy, 
who will be a freshman in Lasell's Child Study 
Curriculum this fall. 

Lasell Alumnae Incorporated proudly presents a 

Regrettably Medallion recipient, M. Adele Brown '38, 
is not able to be with us today; we present the 
Medallion in absentia. 

Adele is currently secretary to the U.S. Ambas- 
sador in Kuwait; her home leave is not scheduled 
until late summer. 

After Lasell graduation Adele returned to her home 
town of Meriden, Connecticut to work in the Eliza- 
beth General Hospital laboratory; became her 
church's first secretary; was a medical secretary 
for several years. Later she joined the Department 
of State as a secretary in foreign service. Her first 
overseas assignment was in Israel; following which 
she served in India, Tunisia, East Pakistan, Jamaica 
and Turkey. 

Lasell Alumnae Incorporated is proud to honor 
ADELE BROWN for her accomplishments in the 
secretarial field and service to her country. 

Honored not only by Lasell Alumnae, Inc., Anne F. Greene 
is shown here by the lovely indoor garden constructed in 
the Brennan Library in her name. The garden was a gift 
oi the Lasell faculty, administration and staff as a con- 
tinuing tribute to the wife of the College's fifth President. 




An Annual Fund is a vital yearly 
program in which alumnae, parents 
and friends of a college are asked 
to "help meet the yearly operating 
expenses of the school." 

Every college has an Annual Fund. 
Without one, tuition would have to 
go even higher, some services would 
have to be eliminated, room and board 
charges would have to be increased. 

Annual support helps maintain the 
library. It helps keep and attract 
a quality faculty. It makes possible 
financial aid through scholarships 
for deserving students. 

And, with the cost of fuel, food and 
other services skyrocketing, it does 
help to offset some of these high 
expense items. 

A Capital Campaign is entirely different 
from an Annual Fund. For one thing, it 
"happens" maybe every 25 years or so. 
It is usually for new buildings, it could 
include residence halls, endowment, and 
needed renovations to existing structures. 

Look at it this way. We all have monthly 
bills for fuel, mortgage, food, clothing, 
entertainment, things we need each year. 
These are our "annual expenses," something 
like the Annual Fund at a college. 

Once in a while we embark on a special 
program — maybe the time comes to put on 
a new roof, add another room or two because 
our family is growing, possibly build a 
swimming pool. These "once in awhile" 
major programs are similar to a college's 
capital campaign. 

A capital campaign needs many people making 
many gifts. Not at Annual Fund levels but 
at considerably higher ones. It is made 
easier by seeking pledges over 3 or more 
years so that a significant gift can be 
paid over an extended time period. No one 
should be asked to give more than they can 
afford but hopefully to give in proportion 
to what they can afford. 

A college looks to those who have been a part of 
it — either as an alumna, parent or a friend. It also 
seeks gifts from corporations, foundations and the 

So, to meet its immediate needs, it relies on the Annual 
Fund each year — and on a Capital Campaign "when 
necessary" to maintain and assure its level of excellence 
in the years to come. 



Alumnae gifts 

All other gifts 








..e Annual Fund represents gifts from alumnae, parents and 
friends for the period July 1, 1974 through June 30, 1975. 

The total amount of this year's fund shows a 55% increase 
over the amount raised last year. 

The number of alumnae gifts showed a decrease of 8.7% but 
the amount of alumnae gifts registered a 20% increase. 

Our special thanks to those alumnae who either increased or 
made new gifts during the past fiscal year. 49% of those 
making gifts qualified for Lasell's first Challenge Grant and 
actually accounted for an additional $13,312 in matching 

The following pages list donors to the Annual Fund. Gifts 
to the Program for '76 are not included. 



Georgie Duncan Seavey 

Agnes Drake Foss 
Mary Goodwin Olmsted 
Lucia Parcher Dow 


Elizabeth Polhemus Rockwood 

L Maude Simes Harding 

Ruth Adams Whiston 
L Fern Dixon Leahy 
L Lilian Douglass Heeb 
L Jennie Drew Hinman 

Clara Huttenbauer Levy 

Clara F. Nims 


L Grace Emerson Cole 
L Elizabeth Love Macey 


Constance E. Blackstock 


Lucy Cox Nelson 
Margherita Dike Hallberg 
Marion Hale Bottomley 
M. Cornelia Stone 


Margaret Thacher Drury 

Agnes Adelsdorf Weil 
Ruth Coulter Bierer 
L Hazel Drew Adair 

Mary Goodwillie Townsend (Deceased) 
Charlotte Lesh Coats 
Annie Merrill David 
Clara Parker Colby 
Jane Parsons Westervelt 


Alma L. Bunch 

Georgina Fankboner Roberts 
Wilhelmina Joscelyn Swett 
Ruth Stokes Crick 
Edessa Warner Slocum 


Ruth Adt Stephenson 
Mary H. Bingaman 
Alleda Burnett Arneson 
L Ruth Davis Giller 
Myra Eby McAllister 
Angeline Emery MacCulloch 
Marcia Fogg Moore 
Dorothy Hartshorn Underwood 
Ruby Newcomb McCorkindale 
Mary Quick Dean 
Helen Rollins Fisher 
Nellie Youngers Henkle 

In Memory: 

Mr. Richard McAllister 


Irene Ball Sill 
Elizabeth Beach Bierer 
Katharine Bingaman Heron 
Madeline Farmer Ryder 
Frances Johnsen Edwards 
Ida Laubenstein Moyer 
Clara Paton Suhlke 
Emma Robinson Petrie 
Martha Schumann Laubenstein 
Doris Waller O'Hara 
L Nell Woodward Collins 


Rose Baer Trexler 
Marian Beach Barlow 
Wilda Berkey Cartland 
Dorothy Brate McPherrin 

Dorothy Crane Crowe 
M. Adolphia Garnsey Ettinger 
Helen S. Gerrett 
Marion Griffin Wolcott 
Frances Harris Spear 
Ruth Harris Frank 
Lena Hauck Johnson 
Maude Hayden Keeney 
Mildred Libby Kilgore 
Dorothy Mathias Bates 
Florence Morris Smith 
Mildred Ordway Brahana 
Helen Overholser Towle 
Carol M. Rice 
Elizabeth G. Richards 
Mabel Straker Kimball 
Alma E. Sweet 
Margaret Trice Gibbens 
Dale Whipple Turnbull 
Natalie York Terry 


Lillian Astill Ainsworth 

L Helen Bauman Roblin 
Ruth Burnap Jones 
Dorothy Deering Ewart 

L Fannie Gates Frey 
Nora Hayward Rodd 
Alice Jenks Nickerson 
Virginia Moore Starkey 
Carita Palmer Clinard 
Lenette Rogers Atkinson 

L Helen M. Saunders 

L Mildred Strain Nutter 


L Lydia Adams Godsoe 
L Dorothy Barnes Paine 

Mildred Cary Hill 

Harriet Fera French 

Frances Hunter Roberts 

Ruth B. Newcomb 

Lois Nichols Arnold 

Esther Norcross Dougherty 

Almira L. Shepard 

Helen Smith Stone 


Edith Abbott Chapman 
Judith Burbank Brown 
Mary Eshleman Willauer 
Dorothy C. Hall 
Marguerite Houser Hamlin 
Alice McFarland Dunlop 
Elizabeth Moyer Wilson 
L Mercie V. Nichols 
Edith Vance Nicolson 
Helen Webster Fitz 
Sibyl Weymouth Braniff 


L Elaine Bass Pierce 
Dorothy Burnham Eaton 
Marion Eaton Gumaer 
M. Josephine Florence Preusse 
Lillian G. Grant 
Freda Griffin Leining 
Alice Grimes Griffin 
Marguerite Hardy Chandler 
Ruth D. Hayden 
Margaret Perley Downey 
Ruth Wardle Livingston 


L Helen L. Beede 

Pauline Butler Poore 

Dorothy Edwards Rodgers 

Dorothy Ely Bigham 

Edith Geeson Seewald 

Mary King Sargent 
L Mildred Knight Norwood 
L Ruth Rawlings Mott 

Ruth Smith Baker 
L Esther H. Story 

Sarah Wild Gordon 


L Frances Angel Levenson 
Dorothy Caldwell Jordan 

L Harriette Case Bidwell 
L Violet Comley Peirce 

Marian Crawford McColm 
L Florence Day Bennett 
L Grace Gates Brown 

Marjorie Gifford Grimm 

Cecile Loomis Stuebing 

Marjorie Lovering Harris 
L Elizabeth Madeira Campbell 

Edrie Mahaney Rathburn 

Mildred Melgaard Rees 

Marjorie Norris England 

Lucile Pfeifer Rosenfield 
L Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt 

Margaret Reid Perry 

Mayno Seltzer Richmond 
L Barbara Smith Huntington 

Louise Stevens Prince 
L Theresa Thompson Osborne 

Marion Westphal Newhall 

Louise Weymouth Thompson 
L Jean Woodward Nelson 

In Memory: 

Helene Grashorn Dickson 


Marion Austin Hakewe9sell 

Florence Boehmcke Edmondson 

Elizabeth Chandler Healy 
L Carolyn Colton Avery 

Anne Daugherty Slater 
L Ruth Hopkins Spooner 
L Toni Meritt Smith 

Louise Orr Daniels 

Claire Parker Everett 

Evelyn Shidler Robertson (deceased) 

Jessie Watters 

Doris Wilde Lobdell 


Elizabeth Anderson Hanna 

Frances W. Badger 
L Dorothy Ballou Collier 

Adele Bigham Nelson 

Matilda Daugherty Linn 

Helen Davis Worthington 

Edith Hadley McLean 
L Katharine Knox McClaren 
L Lucile Norris Cornish 
L Helen B. Perry 

Ella H. Robbins 

Helen Robson Hamill 

Helen Schroer Weldon 

Carolyn Vicary Krider 

Katharine C. Webb 
L Maude Wilcox Hanley 

In Memory: 

Esther Palmer Dwinell 


Blanche D. Avery 
Alice Batchelder Doten 
Catherine Beecher Wood 
Helen Black Sprague 
Barbara Bridgman McHenry 
Lois Bryant Warner 
Christine Chamberlin Kenney 
Ethel Clow Black 
Barbara Cushing Lund 
Martha Fish Holmes 
Dorothy Hagadorn Taylor 
Louise Hegeman Whitman 
Estelle L. Jenney 
Katherine Kelley Gaul 
Gertrude Kendall Lund 
L Helen McNab Willand 
Mary Saunders Houston 
Ruth Shepard Parmenter 
Virginia Smieding Fenn 
Sylvia H. Solari 
Eleanor L. Steele 
Madelyn Stover McGarry 
Grace Thayer Berkeley 
Mildred Whyte Goddard 
In Memory: 

Mrs. Caroline S. Saunders 


Margaret Anderson Gage 

Dorothy Aseltine Wadsworth 
L Margaret Beck Hamlin 

Eleanor Butterworth 

Bernice Cunningham Smith 

Mary Freeman Wisdom 
L Dorothy Hale Brown 

Frances Hall Anderson 

Mildred Hamlin Mather 

Hazel Kramer O'Donnell 

Grace Lawrence Groves 

Gertrude Moeller Baum 

Emma H. Ockert 

Elizabeth Oppel Morris 

Margaret Rix Cole 
L Madeleine Roth White 

Charlotte Russell Pellini 

Elizabeth Smith Lum 


L Gertrude Bicknell Harvey 

Rosalie Brightman Rosen 

Edith Bronstein Silverman 

Sylvia Chandler Hooker 

Minerva Damon Ludewig 

Helen Davis Lummus 

Elinor Day Conley 

Lucy Field Wildman 

Clarice Haines Nevers 

Catherine Holby Howze 
L Esther T. Josselyn 

Mary Keim Tietze 

Loretta Krause Eyer 

Pauline LeClaire Reiter 
L Lucy MacLeod Helm 

Marjorie Maxfield Smith 

Rosanna McConnell Wallis 

Ethel Noyes Hathaway 
L Madalyn Patten Hoberg 

Dorothy Quimby Faure 

A. Katheryn Royce 

Elizabeth Selkirk Chipps 

Evelyn Suor Butterworth 

Barbara Tait Brooks 

Edith Thorpe Van Dine 

Virginia Wellington Fauver 

Ruth Woodman Higginbotham 

In Memory: 

Mr. David Rosen 


Margaret Basley Irwin 

Lillian G. Bethel 

Helen Cole Chalfant 

Evelyn Douglass Hooper 

Christina Finlayson Dana 

Kathryn W. Forgey 

Helen Head MacFarland 

Caroline Hopkins Marshall 

Edith Hussey Adams 

Bernice Kent Ennis 

Julia Klingensmith Frey 
L Margaret Newman 

Alice M. Nydegger 

Hester Shaw Gordon 
L Marjorie Winslow MacCuspie 


Mary Elizabeth Barton Libby 

Preble Borden Gruchy 

Katherine Braithwaite Woodworth 

Frances Brown Winthrop 

Constance Chalmers Harlow 

Dorothea Clark Johnson 

Dorothy Cole MacRae 

Margaret Contrell White 

Emily Crump Ramstetter 

Isabelle Daggett Wilson 

Katharine Edwards Bennett 

Dorothy England Chester 

Florence Fitch Osborn 

Jane E. Gray 

Mary Groff Cooper 

Annette Harvey Jensen 
L Dorothy Hayward Sutherland 

Harriet Hewins Sanderson 
L Marion Kingdon Farnum 

Marjorie Kuehn Brock 

Betty Lyman Zsiga 

Frances Mann Knight 

An "L" in front of a name indicates a Life Member. 

Marguerite Mcllvain Ricker 
Myra Page Haven 
L Alice Pratt Brown 
Marion Roberts Dyer 
Ruth Rowbotham Strickland 
Marjorie Schaller Schoonmaker 
Jeannette Smith Orne 
Louise Thompson Richmond 
Ruth Van Allen Well9 
Margaret A. Wethern 
Maude Williams Gittleson 
Barbara Wilson Steele 
Ellen Zacharias Cullen 


Marguerite Boyd Greene 
Dorothy Camin Rozan 
Joan Collier Cooper 
Corinne Cowdrey Murray 
Helen Crego MacMurray 

L Clara Dietz Rosenburg 
Jeanette Gessner Somers 

L Dorothy Inett Taylor 
Eleanor McKenney Black 
Dorothy Meeker Pearce 
Helen Morgan Riederer 
Sylvia Morgan Williams 
Betty Richards Colman 
Ruth Richardson Pease 
Charlotte Sherman Weiss 
Frances Smith Miller 


Elizabeth Bear DeStaebler 
Ruth Bee Jackson 
Mildred Bell Cole 
Lorraine Clark Wein 
Betty Condit Kessel 
Dorothy L. Dunham 
Karin Eliasson Monroe 
Clara Giarla Albiani 
Virginia Hinshaw Wilks 
Jane Hupman Preston 
Marion E. Johnson 
Marjorie Keller Mayer 
Frances Long Bunnell 
Lenna Lyon Hill 
Marjorie Magune Curtis 
Ruth Nicolette Lander 
Mary E. O'Connell 
Jane Porter Brown 
Ruth Rohe Smith 
Helen M. Schaack 
Eunice Stack O'Connor 
Pearl Thompson Hasey 
Dotha Warner Jope 
Ruth Winslow Neulieb 


Ethel Buchanan Horner 
L Charlotte Cahners Glass 
L Julia C. Case 

Marion Freeman 

Carol Griffin Teich 

Mildred J. Guyett 

Katharine Hartman Macy 

Gertrude Hooper Ring 

Gertrude Horner Mosher 

Margaret V. Hrubec 

Enid Jackson Giles 

Marjorie MacClymon 

Jean McNab Weigand 

Elizabeth Page Sealey 

Natalie E. Park 

Betty Parrish Newman 

Betty Peffer McCracken 

Elinor Small Domina 

Gertrude Stone Baptiste 

Marjorie Tarbell Quandt 

Frances Turner Sleigh 


Helen Bardua Childs 
Betty Bronk 
Helen C. Burwell 
Grace Dunne Walker 
Barbara Erickson Rogers 
Dorothy Foss True 
Shirley Gould Chesebro 
Eileen Hedstrom Sundberg 
Jeanne Heilig Noack 
Maude Lee Bliss 
Elizabeth Mclntire Bennert 
Anna Mills Koeck 
Jean Murphy Aneda 
Charlotte F. M. Ockert 
L Virginia Ogden Hayes 

Charlotte Phillips Wilkins 
Bertha Root Smith 
Mary Shiveley McNeill 
Wilma Silvernail Berry 
Ruth Stafford Clark 
Elizabeth Swift Coyle 
Millicent Thomson Hammer 
Emeline Walker Fatherley 
Grace Wellington Hebach 


Phyllis Atkinson Stone 

Bettina Cook Kalbach 

Louise Cook Davis 

Alice Floyd Rice 

Caroline Frey Anderson 

Helen Gibbs Studley 
L Mabelle Hickcox Camp 

Jane Jensen Bailey 

Marjorie Jones Hopkins 

Barbara Kerr Marshman 
L Celia Kinsley Percival 
L Virginia Leahy Berwick 

Carol Morehouse Jones 

Bettina Potter Jeffrey 

Alice Schrade Van der Voort 

Eleanor Young Antoun 

In Memory: 

Helen Dunlap Kayes 


Class of 1935-Reunion Gift 
Jane Brackley Starbird 
Barbara Briggs Stanton 
Harriet Colwell Reeves 
Mildred Condon Hart 
Marion Cruickshank Manning 
Eleanor Dippel Reed 
Evelyn Y. Gagen 
Diana Gardner Wetherell 
Eleanor Gebelein Greene 
Denise Gile Arnold 
Gertrude Heath Kehoe 

L Barbara Iris Johnson 
Doris Jones Flagg 

L Barbara King Haskins 
Thelma Larkin Richardson 
Roberta Leonard Matthews 
Marjorie Long Maish 
Villa Magune Clarkson 
Barbara McKelleget 
Josephine Moore Alexanderson 
Gertrude Morris MacCallum 
Anne O'Brien Ryan 
Barbara Ordway Brewer 
Martha Parsons Coletti 

L Eleanor Ramsdell Stauffer 
Caroline Smith Goodwin 
Sally Swanson Dahlberg 
Mabel Swift Moore 
Hildreth Weigold Grady 
Virginia White Wardwell 

L Priscilla Winslow 
Barbara Young Leach 


Selma Amdur Heringman 
Jane Arend Durbin 
Marjorie Bassett MacMillan 
Bili Baxter Perkins 
Ruth Buswell Isaacson 
Barbara Darcey Thomas 
Dorothea Eburne MacLeod 
Mary Elton Remig 
Margery Gibby Paige 
Virginia Hausler Coster 
Emily Hubbel Weiss 
Natalie Hutchison Clouser 
Virginia Johnston Loud 
Jeanne M. Keck 
Arlene Kerr Sonnabend 
Ruth Keyes Wooten 
Dorothy Paine Chaucer 

L Margaret Pearl Ide 
Marjorie Reed Colley 
Janice Remig Kelley 
Helen Saul Foxwell (Deceased) 
Adelaide Seeley Bull 
Adelaide Shaffer Van Winkle 

L Audrey Smith Henderson 
Martha Sweetnam Pearson 
Georgianna Taber Cotter 
Ruth Upham Petremont 
Charlotte Weitzman Kaplan 

Deborah York 
Carolyn Young Cate 

In Memory: 

Helen Saul Foxwell 


Frances Austin Beaumier 
Anne Campbell Terrill 
Jane Eldridge Meaney 
Edith Fitzgerald Arnold 
Dorothy Forsstrom Spotanski 

L Betty Harrington Van Huysen 
Marjorie Hills Buffington 
Betty Olson Cooper 
Madeline Orcutt Arthur 
Janet Owens De Arment 
Priscilla Parmenter Madden 
Glennys Preston Allicon 
Eunice Robinson Miles 
Mary Ruth Sanford Hall 
Meta Searles Hopkins 

L Marian Sleeper Hall 
Lois Small Redden 
Viola Smith Williams 
Florence Stetson Pipes 
Meredith Tillotson Richardson 
Virginia Webb Tompkins 
Augusta Williamson Lips 
Elizabeth A. Wisdom 
Frances Woodruff Saunders 
Virginia Wright Church 


Winifred Aldrich Chapoton 
Jean Allen Bird 
Virginia Allen Hartwell 
Eleanor Ayers Evans 
Jane Black Lynde 
Olive Boynton Garron 

L M. Adele Brown 

Elizabeth Clark Brighton 
Ruth Fulton Griffin 
Marjorie Furbush Gledhill 
Shirley Hanson Carter 
Mary Jane Holton Bohling 
Barbara Jeppesen Thomann 
Florence Kent Parks 
Dorothy B. Keyes 
Janet Kunkel Funkhouser 
Elizabeth Leland Kibbe 
Alice-Kristine Lockwood Leach 
Margaret T. McEnerney 
Trithena McFarland Argo 
Ruth Meighan Gillette 
Elaine Meiklem Sargent 
Harriet Newcomb Stoughton 
Eleanor Pierce Puffer 
Elizabeth Putnam 
Jean Randall Dockham 
Florence Rawson Skitt 
Martha Romaine Jones 

L Mildred Royce Moffett 

L Alice M. Seidler 

Martha Sill Wolstenholme 
Audrey Spiller Smalley 
Elizabeth Sylvester Robinson 
Faye Wadhams Smith 
Virginia Wilhelm Harshbarger 
Arlene Wishart Sylvester 
Elizabeth Yeuell Collins 


Barbara Albrecht Minnig 
Nancy Allen Schmetzer 
Jean Burns Wilson 
Laura Cobb 

Mary Corcoran Franich 
Jeanne Daniels Wheeler 
Katharine Farnell Guay 
Helen Forsberg Powers 
Helen Henderson Chillingworth 
Louise A. Johnson 
Jane Leckie Tracy 
Janice Marr Demer 
Eleanor Parmer Farrar 
Georgia Pierce Steck 
Cora Pratt Adams 
Jane Robinson Williams 
Barbara Rose Wood 
Margaret Schneider Thieringer 
Mary Jean Schultz Waddell 
Mildred Sheldon Steele 
L Ruth Shepard Cushman 
Harriet Tifft Longley 
Marian Traxler Crum 
Betty Wallace White 


Esther Bennett Quinlan 
Helen Bogert Home 
Elizabeth Carlisle Muller 
Dorothy Cooke Leary 
Delpha Corazza Marchetti 
Pauline Di Tullio Monaco 
Dorothy Farnum Moore 
Ruth Fulton Rardin 
Marion E. Gray 
Lucie Harrison Eimer 
Jeanne Hubbard Brooks 
Jane Hutchison Wulfing 
Elizabeth Jewett Porter 
Mary Mathews Dilts 
Carolyn McCarty Springer 
Elizabeth Phillips Dick 
Barbara T. Quirk 
Julia Rankin Sprague 
Susan Ridley 
Alice Smith Hanford 
Ruth Sullivan Lodge (Deceased) 


Jane Abbott Wiederhold 

Judith Birch Williams 

Virginia Black DeLong 

Nancy Bommer 

Dorothy Brewer Carlson 

Imogene Caney Fair 

Josephine Caruso Kuchera 

Jean Cooney Leitch 

Kathryn Davis Almeida 

Virginia M. DeNyse 

Mary Doig Nicholson 

Betty Dungan Norden 

Gertrude E. Fischer 
L Marian Fitts Sternkopf 

Marion Greene Anderson 

Lucille Hooker Paterson 

Barbara Hover Lomma 

Nancy Keach Paine 
L Charlotte Lakeman Patt 

Louise Lorion DeVries 

Dorothy Macomber Vannah 

Frances McBride Perkins 

Betty McGrath Brown 

Marjorie Mead Carlson 

Dorothy Mellen Harwood 

Lois E. Newton 

Eleanor Pfaff Daly 

Phyllis Rees Wilcox 

Grace Sheffer Hendrick 

Lucille Wielandt Speight 

Marjorie Williams Lovejoy 


L Elizabeth S. Allen 

Marjorie Allyn Merrill 
L Jean Barnes Butts 

Barbara Berkman Sherman 

Mary P. Bottomley 

Ruth Bowlend Eckhoff 

Doris Bracher Jenkins 

June Cherry Bruns 

Mary Ann Fisher Espy 
L Nancy Gorton Ross 

Margaret Grover Scott 

Charlotte Hall Kelly 

Dorothy Higson White 

Nina Hobson Mellor 

Helen Keenan Robers 

Barbara Kelly Morell 

Nancy Larsen Holbrook 

Doris Leach Almeida 

Mary Ellen Metzger Simpson 

Margot Moore Harley 

Dorothy Mosher Stone 

Suzanne Naeher Koch 

Elizabeth Polhemus Davies 

Gwendolyn Prouty Bellinger 

Marjorie Ray Blackett 

Helen Raymond Schwable 

Elaine Robins Albert 

Virginia Robinson Nast 

Barbara Rockwell Carlstrand 

Kathryn Starkey Litehiser 

Ruth Turner Crosby 

Barbara Walworth Starr 

Virginia Weeks Hatch 

Anne Witney Shea 


Dorothy Bentley Grant 
Carolyn Boyce Richards 
Jean Brigham Martin 
Jean Burroughs Rawson 

Jane Cook Cardoza 

Olga Costes Urban 

Ruth Davenport Walker 

Margaret Goldsmith Lubbers 
L Elizabeth Gorton Collier 

Elinor Kuchler Hopkins 

Mary Ledbetter Bastean 
L Grace Marble Philbrick 

Eleanor Millard Parsons 

Eloise Moffett Harper 

Barbara S. Pearson 
L Nathalie Monge Stoddard 

Persis Pendleton Howarth 

Jean Perry Thompson 

Ann Preuss Gillerlain 

Janet Reid Sherwin 
L Jeanne A. Revene 
L Elizabeth Schmidt Morrill 

Virginia Shaw 

Elizabeth Smith Roy 

Olive N. Swanson 

Christine Turnbull Jensen 
L Joyce Wagner West 


Dorothy Bensinger Meyers 

Elizabeth Burpee Crooker 

Jean Campbell 

Janet Dean Hannula 

Mary Elizabeth Donnelly Chapman 

Carolyn Hill Plumer 

Claire LeComte Roy 

Jane Maynard Robbins 

Dorothy Nickerson Tehan 

Ruth Perkins Goodwin 

Priscilla Perley Kerans 

Elizabeth Rhind Mills 
L Ann Scott Lauer 
L Virginia Wolfe Perkins 


Lorraine Anderson Crabtree 

Marilyn Babbitt Cooper 

Jane Baringer Wordsworth 

Shirley Barton Wilburn 

Theresa Bergeron Hoyt 

Eleanor Bradway Lammers 

Marguerite Clark McManus 

Eugenia Cooney Glow 

Bernice Coyne Boon 

Ruth Davis Burk 

Janet Eaton Maynard 

Irene M. Evangelisti 

Dorrit Gegan Green 
L Emma Gilbert Carver 

Shirley A. Gleason 

Mary Elizabeth Hammill Meagher 

Jean Henry Goggins 
L Naomi Lederman Grossman 

Rosamond Lees Gow 

Priscilla Otis Drew 

Constance Pettigrew Edie 

Isabel Pollard Oleson 

Barbara Preuss Reynolds 

Priscilla Robbins Stahl 

Drucilla Roberts Bickford 

Henrietta Sharpe Smith 

Elsie Simonds Follett 

Martha Stonebraker Ely 
L Althea Taylor Goldberg 

Doris Wittman Ruckle 


Barbara Bickley Rieger 
Justine Brownstone Segal 
Audrey Day Norris 
Mildred Day Clements 
Marilyn Dickson Liebenguth 
Rose Emer Bucalo 
Ruth W. Goldner 
Barbara Harris Ryan 
Jeannette Ingersoll Maskell 
Eleanor Lincoln Cosgrove 
Patricia Luther Wilkin 
Mary Jane Magnusson Megroz 
Patricia Marland Lasnier 
Deborah Newton Warren 
Marjorie Norris Harris 
Lee Parker McBurnie 
Nancy L. Peterson 
Louise Pool Langley 
Corinne Schlegel Norris 
Carolyn Stuart Scantlebury 
Jean Thiel Weld 
Joan Walker Doane 
Jean Watson Wetrich 


Carol Birath Dennison 
Patricia Brunner Thiede 
Sarah Cross Finigan 
Charlotte Fletcher Kelly 
Jeanne Franklin Bates 
Phyllis Haviland Hildebrandt 
Marilyn Heller Woods 
Vesta Horton Kent 
Jean Hubbard Midwood 
Joan Jones Van Anglen 
Mollie Kendrick Pike 
Mary Kinney O'Connell 
Linda Koempel Tompkins 
Joan Lambert Laffin 
Jean Morgan Koenitzer 
Mary Kay Murray Sutton 
Nancy Noble Ehrman 
Rhoda O'Donnell Erickson 
Shirley Porter Snetsinger 
Gertrude Powers Lawson 
Marjorie Ross Lawrence 
Ruth Small Stott 
Doris Smith Cleland 
Janet Stearns Gille 
Gloria Sylvia Paolella 
Susan Voss Harrigan 
Elizabeth Waters Hartman 
Helen Widenor Bailey 


Margaret Abrahamian 
Veronica Aslanian Blacquier 
Dorothy Azadian McKinnon 
Virginia Bailey McAllister 
Anne L. Behrendt 
Elaine Burrell King 
Anne Chapman Berl 
Marilyn Clark Law 
Betsy Curtis Winquist 
Miriam Day Butcher 
Paula Drake Hodgdon 
Jane Edsall Jacobs 
Carol Galligan Massard 
Louise Gleason Chock 
Ellen Grover MacVeigh 
Charlotte Guptill Norcross 
Virginia Hall Anderson 
JoAnn Hanson Long 
Martha Kennedy Ingersoll 
Beulah Kwok Sung 
Nancy Larsen Bailey 
Frances Lee Osborne 
Catherine Lochiatto Rich 
Judith Macintosh Mennella 
Betty Ann Mahoney Themal 
Janet McLaughlin Merkel 
Lois McLucas Martin 
Patricia Mertz Manning 
Jeanne Meyer Bird 
Shirley Miller Carroll 
Nancy O'Rourke Trevisan 
Dorothy Page Kuehl 
Elsie Paulson Chapman 
June Smith Noreen 
Barbara Snook Haggerty 
Audrey Souther DesRoches 
Shirley Sturm Bullard 
Shirley Thorne Brady 
Judith Tracy Shanahan 
Doris Trefny landoli 
Alice Vavoudes Lindblad 
Jeanne Williams Walz 
Dolores S. Winslow 


Barbara Berry Roberts 
Marjorie Boynton Anderson 
Phyllis Burckett Ulicny 
Carol Cedergren Salerno 
Carolyn Clark Thomas 
Nancy Clarke Blow 
Jean Cook Jacobs 
Barbara Davis Collins 
Barbara Davis Canterbury 
Mary Ellen Fiske Brubaker 
Shirley Greenhalgh Fadley 
Natalie Hall Campbell 
Ann Hollett Munro 
Lois Koritz Hopfenberg 
Janice Levenson Sherman 
Nancy Macdonough Jennings 
Joanne Molan Wheaton 
Ellen Morris Phillips 
Nancy Newhall Mackay 
Shirley Olesen Somes 
Diane Palady Barry 

Patricia Penry Van Hoesen 
Kathryn Poore Hamel 
Barbara Potier Grey 
Priscilla Randall Hurter 
Eleanor Ritchie Elmore 
A. Marilyn Ross 
Frances Smith Macdonald 
Jane Wadhams Hazen 
Joan Wolfe Wickham 
Dorothea Zuschlag Torgersen 


Joan Antun Rednor 
Nancy Bean Lord 
Nancy Coggeshall Foose 
Marcia Collingwood Martin 
Jean Davies Stanley 
Janet Deutsch Bogue 
Mary Dodge Davis 
Joan Dorau Hohorst 
Laura Eckert Gatto 
Marion Ettinger McDonald 
Janet Foley 
Lois Form Senft 
Sister Marjorie Gilbert 
Dorothy Goehring Rourke 
Helen Graham Gordon 
Joy Gustavson Smith 
Joan Hahn Fern 
Nancy Houde Dyer 
Marilyn Hubner Sherwood 
Sally Hughes Fasick 
Carol Husted Schneider 
Lorraine LeClaire Ridgeway 
Dorothy Mills Graef 
Marguerite Nahigian Sarkisian 
Marilyn Newhall Kendall 
Margaret Olson Belden 
Doris Oneal Becker 
Jean Ostrander Lowman 
Jane A. Perry 
Anne Pomeroy Bailey 
Mary Ribarich Connick 
Joan Robilotto Gibson 
Ruth Rosebrock Hardie 
Carmen Santo Grimshaw 
Barbara Schnelle Orton 
Winifred Schulman 
JoAnne Secor Rier 
Jacquelyn Temperley Dey 
Dorothy Torner Monahan 
Phyllis Turner Yeager 
Beverly Walker Ward 
Joan Wallace Billings 
Carmen Welch Clark 
Barbara Welles Miller 
Helen A. Wetherbee 
Nancy A. Wilson 
Jean Woods McNeilly 


Claudette Awad Razook 
Susan Baker Chase 
Marilyn Clark 
Martha Edwards Whippen 
Marjorie Fager Arnold 
Libbie Fleet Glazer 
Janet Fornoff Hauber 
Margaret Gardner Larkin 
Shirley Hannafin Adams 
Carol Hess Recco 
Lois Hutchinson Woodward 
Jean Johnson Knowlton 
Maureen A. Kane 
Charlotte Kelley Campbell 
Barbara Keyes MacKinnon 
Jean Kilgore Owen 
Louise Marston Donnelly 
Dorothy McPherson Wickersham 
Joanne Monahan Garrity 
Roberta Morin Aronowitz 
Beverly Pink Reynolds 
Elaine Quavillon Tull 
Patricia Raeder Crone 
Peggyanne Riker Miller 
Nancy Roetting Clifford 
Katherine Rothe Matson 
Betty Lou Shattuck Musser 
Isabell Stanley Davis 
Anna Stevenson Mangano 
Sally Swainson Callahan 
Nancy Topping Heely 
Ann Van der Veer Bradley 
Jo-Ann Vojir Massey 
Janice Weyls Moore 
Mary-Jane White Miller 


Nancy Allen Banks 
Betsy Brown Cramer 
Joan Caulfield McGean 
Pauline Coady Goodwin 
Mary Comstock Singarella 
Suzanne Davis Greenman 
Marjorie Dyer Hubbard 
Ruth Easterlind Cederberg 
Mary Givan Bath 
Phyllis Gleason Riley 
Joan Hess Brand 
Barbara Kane Mullin 
Joyce Kitfield Anderson 
Nancy Marcus Golden 
Jean E. McCambridge 
Audrey McKay Prince 
Patricia Moulton Cudmore 
Marlene Murray Zuker 
Carolie Painter Wildrick 
Geraldine Paulmier Sutphen 
Joanne Purcell Brooker 
Marguerite Rudolf Mesinger 
Elsie Salkind Scotti 
Rena A. Silverman 
Martha Thomas Hasak 
Joyce Wardle Chapman 

In Memory: 

Mr. Morris Silverman 


Nancy Bilezikian Kamborian 
Judith Brewer Campbell 
Barbara Brown Fitch 
Mary Louise Burke Alexander 
Nancy Chase Ferguson 
Joan Darelius Chirnside 
Louise Dawe Turner 
Mary Ann Donahue 
Evelyn Earle Lukeman 
Jean Ewart Borman 
Silvia Faccio Tirrell 
Audrey Felzenberg Silberman 
Elizabeth Fried Slater 
Shirley Gibbons San Soucie 
Janet Gleason Nolan 
Martha Gries Davis 
Janet Hart Wilson 
Doris Hedblom Hayden 
Ruth Henning Sump 
Barbara E. Howell 
Doris Hungerford Zaenglein 
Joan Jacobson Tublitz 
Elinor Johnson Palmer 
Nancy Kittell Martin 
Elsie Knaus Klemt 
Kathleen MacGregor Randolph 
Molly McBride Kalogeros 
Lillian Medhurst Meiggs 
Carol Moriarty Phleger 
Greta Nilsson Masson 
Helen Pearlstein Golden 
Janet Pearson Hauck 
Constance Peterson Sloan 
Sylvia Pfeiffer Nesslinger 
Jeanette Roberts Mann 
Jean Schofield Sherwood 
Jean Smith DiLeone 
Audrey Thompson Rielle 
Jean Weeks Hanna 
Joan Wilckens Pittis 


Betty Born Deacon 
Ann Bowerman Logan 
Beverly Bruce Dandeneau 
Ann Chidsey Moebius 
Sheila Collins Frank 
Corinne Coyle Lydem 
Marion Crossman MacCallum 
Sandra Davis Mather 
Cynthia Fisher MacDonald 
Amy Frye Thorndike 
Lenore Fuller Hoag 
Thelma Greenberg Florin 
Frances Hayden Stack 
Priscilla Head Davis 
Nancy Hedtler Ford 
Shirley Herold Johnson 
Joan Hildebrandt Estey 
Nancy P. Horton 
Nancy Husted Koerner 
Susan Johnson Keane 
Elizabeth Lindsay Buhler 
Marian Lougee Foster 
Jeanette Marvin Brown 


Jane Master Houston 
Mary McLeman Brown 
Carol Meyer LaViale 
Sybil Moore Pinkham 
Nancy Notte Smith 
Ann Olsen Schlubach 
Ruth Paetz Braun 
Gwendolyn Paul Doughty 
Joan Rabbitt Downey 
Shirley Read Lupien 
Sandra Reynolds Grant 
Orelyn Rice Emerson 
Carol Rofer Hofmann 
Sara Rojas Casarella 
Eleanor Sclare Mazur 
Audrey Smith Ruggles 
Nancy Swanson Horsfield 
Janice Sweet Morsilli 
Joanna Ward 
Janet A. Welch 
Mary Patricia Wilson Kane 


Abby Alderman Kleinberg 
Thelma Appel Kaplan 
Marlene Berman Lewis 
Ann Bottjer O'Donnell 
Judith Bowen Drews 
Suzanne Clark Johnson 
Priscilla Fenton Abercrombie 
Diane Flynn Passavant 
Nancy Goodman Cobin 
Ethel Griffin Browning 
Patricia Gura Conroy 
Carolyn Hall Browning 
Genevieve G. Harold 
Marcia Harrington McCarthy 
Ann Harris Hughes 
Judith Hartnett Clavin 
Diana Hendley Cooper 
Barbara Judd Ozinga 
Barbara. Karasik Davidson 
Carol Kenneally Gardner 
Betty Lalley Nelson 
Sandra Lally Hovey 
Patricia Lee Oswald 
Mary Mack Gutsche 
Jean Mills Einarson 
Mildred Monahan Regan 
Valerie Montanez Randolph 
Elaine Montella Butler 
Joan Murano Swanson 
Lucinda Nolin Johnson 
L Marion Nutter Bredehoft 
Cynthia Raymond Paalborg 
Elizabeth J. Reynolds 
Hazel Schoppy Callahan 
Caroljean Somers Ogrodnik 
Joy Stewart Rice 
Sandra Stone Myerow 
Dorcas Styles Hodgkins 
Gail Swanson Rees 
Mary Sweenor Ruggieri 
Angela Tabellario Mitchell 
Susan Thomas Wiard 
Marilyn Valter Maclay 
Adrienne Vitali Stewart 


Nancy Ahlgren Tewes 
Alicia Albright Leach 
Mary Augur Wallace 
Ann August Marcus 
Sylvia Barnaby Hamilton 
Betsy Belsterling Jordan 
Judith Berger Hurwitz 
Louise Bernson Neiterman 
Beverly Breed Hovey 
Elaine Card LeFort 
Judy Caswell Allen 
Marjorie Cavallo Olson 
Carol Corning Richard 
Marguerite Cramer Cain 
Eleanor Cranston Hileman 
Patricia Dahlgard Schroeder 
Beverly Danks Rieckers 
Hanna Den Hartog Abrahams 
Helene Driscoll Kukola 
Janice Engstrom Barbato 
Carol Fitzpatrick Harrell 
Martha Forristall Smith 
Gail Frank Wells 
Barbara Gorman Trice 
Patricia Hayes Schoeller 
Sally Herman DeRosa 
Carol Johnson McDonald 
Suzanne Kellner Canfield 

Terry Kilgore Mannix 
Mary Laham Shagoury 
Judith Littlefield Clark 
Kaye Mackler Aronson 
Joyce Maroni Gomes 
Frances Nettleton Konsella 
Diana Neusner Shapiro 
Susan E. North 
Sheila Paquette Ward 
Mary Parmakian Asadoorian 
Janet Parmenter Bogardus 
Carol Phalen Swiggett 
Joan Polidor Selander 
Joan Raymond Healey 
Barbara Richman Elliot 
Antoinette Ruinen Stapper 
Carolyn Scherer Butler 
Frances Scott Simmons 
Carolee Scribner Cain 
Evelyn Shear Pinsof 
Amy Shuttleworth Jensen 
Nancy Smith Marchese 
Audrey Spawn Stockman 
Patricia Strawbridge Mulhern 
Katharine H. Taft 
Suzanne Wadsworth Jonas 
Bette Walsh Ollstein 
Janet Whitney Buck 


Mildred Berg Cunningham 
Edith Berger Kaplan 
Virginia L. Bruce 
Marjorie Day Grosjean 
Dorothy Fenley Manning 
Norma Gamins Wise 
Sue Garratt Wollard 
Patricia Howe Bassett 
Marcia James Carthaus 
Louise Jorda Matarazzo 
Judith Komito Oster 
Patricia Koules Kandianis 
Chong Hyo Lee Shin 
Judith Leventhal Winer 
Audrey MacAdam Lowe 
Lucile Martel Huggins 
Patricia McAuley Haines 
Anne Mills Curtis 
Sally Payne Perley 
Evelyn Sanders Brewster 
Patricia Tarracciano Ciccone 


Marilyn Barette Roberts 
Barbara Batty Brown 
Audrey H. Biggerstaff 
Andrea Bischoff Houser 
Jeanne Bradner Spackey 
Linda Braslow Lefkowitz 
Juliet Burwell King 
Judith Butler Weppel 
Gretchen D. Caldwell 
Millicent Carlson O'Brien 
Susan Clary Delahunt 
Beverly Dansky Singer 
Marjorie A. Dickstein 
Susanne Fletcher Cahalin 
Mary Ann Fuller Young 
Susan Greenhut Kamras 
Janet Hicks McCoy 
Marian Hume Tibbetts 
Gail E. Jackson 
Mary Landini Doyle 
Marilyn Lanoue Johnson 
Myrna Leshefsky Levine 
Ellen Mahoney Simmonds 
Nancy Maloney Coyle 
Janet McPherson Pretto 
Gladys Mettler Biasotto 
Roxanne Miller Socolow 
Margaret Moore Watts 
Marion Oliver Sutherland 
Myra E. Packer 
Betty Anne Peer Brizzie 
Carol Ann Perrotti 
Susan Rapaport Paul 
Beverlee Raymond Henion 
Ann Reeves Schmid 
Joan Seufert Callahan 
Meade Simpson Fasciano 
Marsha Singer Marshall 
Nancy Spargo Goodridge 
Starr Tupper Shannon 
Susan Van Horn Van Arsdale 
Judith Watson Lewis 
Barbara Wenzel Carroll 
Gail Winalski Burd 
Dorothy Woods Kirkpatrick 


Sondra Allen 
Rosalind Aulisi Jureller 
Linda Bailey Bolton 
Judith Barnstead Francis 
Sandra Barton Fairchild 
Beverly Bigelow Young 
Susan Bravman Uretsky 
Sally Bridger Bridges 
Nancy H. Chapin 
Joan Conradi McLaughlin 
Frances Corthouts Downey 
Betsy Coulson Conrad 
Nancy Crowell Coleman 
Eileen Dahl Lord 
Karen Daniels Dorney 
Ann Douglass Wood 
Joanne E. Ferrera 
Nancy Gotz Cohn 
Linda Gould Marshall 
Donna Grover Holland 
Patricia Hayes Bailey 
Susan Hearne Southwick 
Carlene Hintlian Newell 
Martha Houle Walsh 
Linda Kitch Forand 
Joanne Kotsaftis McLaughlin 
Linda Larson Behrendt 
Carol MacLeod Huggard 
Brenda McLafferty Manchester 
Marilyn Miller Jennings 
Dorothy Mulherin Foy 
Anna Natsis 
Marcia Rideout Stevens 
Nancy Rotman Duffy 
Janet Roy Procino 
Suzanne Saunders Doyle 
Barbara Skolnick Blume 
Mary-Ann Stackpole Johnson 
Joan Sycle Norwitz 
Anne Telfer Considine 
Carolyn Wood Brox 


Marcia Aker Morgan 
Elizabeth Backus Girard 
Beverly Baer Fine 
Barbara Bogert Wahlberg 
Linda Chiaramonte Mount 
Joan Corthouts Grayson 
Julia Davidson Dobson 
Dianne DeCicco Magrone 
Susan Elsbree Warren 
Carol Failla Doughman 
Barbara Farnsworth Fairburn 
Frances Fleming Kennedy 
Diane Frankel Shulkin 
Marsha Frommer Crowley 
Susan Gage Barros 
Paulette Goldberg Holliday 
Minna Golden Levin 
Patricia Grodsky Caplan 
Anne Hoey Hanson 
Baila Issokson Janock 
Sandra Kaplan Richman 
Muriel Kershaw Shaw 
Karen Kirk Ross 
Colleen Light Mette 
Sandra Lund Grouten 
Jane McCall Carothers 
Mary K. McCartney 
Sandra Olson Relyea 
Anita Orleck Webber 
Linda Ostrom Goodwin 
Barbara Rahner Reese 
Valerie Rothman Karpe 
Mary Jane Sauer Lockard 
Phyllis Stone Blotner 
Claire Sullivan Robinson 
Linda Telfer 
Joyce Wheeler Gardner 
Joan White Martin 
Susann York Stadtfeld 
Ronna Zucker Uhrman 


Susan Alderman McConchie 
Brenda Alperin Summer 
Carolyn Bird Murray 
Diane Cassata Pillman 
Charlotte Clinton Clark 
Barbara Cole French 
Noel Craig Andrus 
Ann Davidson 
Barbara Davis Delano 
Jan DeMartin Linfoot 

Susan Dennison Harmon 
Janet Edwards Rockwood 
Linda Fait York 
Joan Franke Neustaedter 
Diane Freeston Barlow 
Mary George Poor 
Mildred Gillis Pereira 
Lela Graham Moses 
Diane Hartnett Hawkes 
Elizabeth Hood Russian 
Laura T. Jensen 
Patricia Kiefer Holt 
Eleanor Laney Afflitto 
Mary C. Lucas 
Concetta R. Luppino 
Phyllis Milano Coliano 
Joan Moeller Thompson 
Susan Natapow DeBlase 
Lynda Niebling Pike 
Virginia A. Orsi 
Jane Parsons Dolbier 
Judith Ready Baird 
Rona Ruderman Goldstein 
Pauline Sarrazin Addison 
Elizabeth Schwingel Sullivan 
Susan Shaw Abbott 
Donna Skillings Kessler 
Cynthia Smith 
Nan Sparks Hunter 
Valerie Terracciano Piazza 
Geraldine Weidman Wight 
Jane Wilson Pape 
Virginia Wollinger Fisher 


Ann Abbott Bowler 
Linda Ann Bald 
Miriam Bloom Chaiklin 
Muriel Bloom Bruskin 
Elaine Brady Inman 
Anne Brookhart Cady 
Bethany Brown Stevens 
Patricia A. Buxton 
Sharon Carley Fitts 
Francine Cohn Jaffe 
Janet M. Cotton 
Judith Fontaine Guenet 
Alexandra Foundas Connors 
Patricia Gath Moessinger 
Jane Hochman Fine 
Fern Keil Pollack 
Nona Koch Hollar 
Linda M. Kupka 
Gwen Lincoln Colley 
Betsy MacMillan Blackledge 
Nance Magill Karp 
Virginia Martin Paradise 
Heather Maxwell Parsons 
Doris Orben Campbell 
Karen Reade Hewes 
Bonnie Reimann Ferranti 
Sarah Remley Southmayd 
Linda Resnick Baer 
Mary Sargent Rogala 
Randi Shapiro Cohen 
Christine Shier Nadler 
Karen Smith Grover 
Nancy Sporborg Keck 
Elaine Sproul Belham 
Linda Strecker Harmon 
Janice Toran Stucki 
Virginia Tsouros Taylor 
Ann-Perley Wingersky Ireland 
Jodi Wright Levins 
Susan Young Boynton 
Andrea Zaletta Giovanniello 


Dorothy Andler Silber 
Ruth Dunn Souza 
Gail Ferrucci Camputaro 
Karen Fox Evans 
Marjorie Freedman Feldman 
Joann Jacobson 
Arlene A. Jacopian 
Linda E. Kaiser 
Palmira Lavin Fontana 
Claire Lipton Katz 
Carolyn McVey Krasawski 
Loel Mercer Poor 
Barbara J. Moulton 
Marjorie Myles Miller 
Patricia Ryan Cantin 
Linda Senter Wright 
Karin Skooglund Bartow 
Amy S. Ullman 



Judith Adelson Wein 
Vivien Ash Hayden 
Lees Beckwith Ferguson 
Jane Boyden Kropp 
Penny Brewster Martyn 
Susan Childs Merrick 
Julie Clark Doescher 
Susan Coster Malsin 
Susan Dahlberg Tobiasson 
Lee Dunstane Mullins 
Virginia Dwyer Clifford 
Judith Fienemann Kaprinski 
Margery Flowers Baston 
Anne Gaffney Moriarty 
Linda Giering King 
Felice Goldman Resko 
Diane Harrison Semeraro 
Marsha Keyes Tucker 
Terry LeFort Hansberry 
Nancy J. Lonergan 
Linda Marchetti Knapman 
Karen Metcalf Sommer 
Claire Monahan Knapp 
Candy Parker Mixter 
Linda Parmenter Goulding 
Jane Pearson Kurz 
Patricia Perry Polidor 
Bonnie Phelps 
Kathleen Rebmann Royka 
Ruth Sawyer Staley 
Virginia A. Schmidt 
Helene Smith Shippen 
Robin Strauss Shapiro 
Francia Vishno Blitt 
Donna Whiteley Sieverts 
Barbara Zink Kanzinger 


Nancy Almgren Killam 

Susan Dangel Rabin 

Anne DeArment Naples 

Deborah DeStaebler MacGowan 

Danna D. Donnelly 

Linda Foster Nixon 

Linda Garber Cohen 

Elizabeth Gillette Pinson 

Lee Gissler Andera 

Kathleen Goulder Plante 

Mary Ann Griffin Lally 

Katherine Healey Marella 

Margaret Jacobs Kleimon 

Susanne Johnson Nicolazzo 

Susan Layng Bogle 

Marcia Lundgren Johns 

Ann M. Mattioli 

Andrea Mattisen Feinberg 

Lydia Moissides Hines 

Janet Muir Garrity 

Karen Pedersen Silverthorn 

Virginia Pedrick Searle 

Sibyl Ryan Piccone 

Louise Schwartz Rose 

Mary Sprague Kirk 

Elinor Stone Ross 

Gay Ann Urban 

Helene Viener Sowerby 

Lynn Wemple Cooley 

Linda Wilson Olson 

Judith Winters Farr 

Ann Woodbury McWilliams 

Martha Wright Potter 

Susan Yenkin Leffler 

Janet E. Young 


Laura Arcari Amara 
Carol Bettman Hebbe 
Nancy B. Black 
Barbara Caron MacLean 
Penny Colpitts Warren 
Kathi Conners 
Nan Eisenstein Speller 
Matilda Embree Kanagaki 
Linda Fagan Casey 
Deborah Fineberg Harriett 
Sandra Giannelli Dabransky 
Nancy L. Goodale 
Carolyn Graham Romyn 
Marsha L. Howe 
Judith Hunt Franz 
Donna Kurker Suffredini 
Elinore Lowe Kinczel 
Gail MacLean Helmkamp 
Ellen J. McDermott 
Marcia Moore Reed 
Sandra Oakes Hammond 

Alice E. Reeves 
Nancy Reeves Peterson 
Elizabeth Reitman Lowenstein 
Virginia Riedell Brunner 
Roberta Rogers Shore 
Susan Ruby Pomer 
Lois Sawyer Caulfield 
Lynn Stern Fields 
Nancy Tallman Torgler 
Susan Wakeman Meier 
Gail Williamson 
Carol Wolfenden Joder 


Elspeth Anderson Blauvelt 

Jane Angelilli Yarbrough 

Nancy Begg Halsted 

Barbara Bunce Fullop 

Sandra Chavez Hudson 

Barbara Coughlin lliff 

Holly Dean Okerholm 

Ora M. DeJesus 

Carol DeVito Piper 

Susan Dopman Moran 

Norey Dotterer Cullen 

Donna Garrow Johnson 

Linda Hill Hess 

Janice M. Kepner 

Bonnie A. Lord 

Kathryn Morgan Lucey 

Margaret Rebmann LeMasurier 

Karen Roden Nilsson 

Carol A. Shapiro 

Susan L. Swanson 

Susan Swienckowski Beck 


Laura Druker Simonds 
Elizabeth Ensor Garcia 
Janet P. Gibson 
Jacqueline Graham Farrell 
Patricia Hallock Wehle 
Jackie Hoffmeier 
Edith Hogsett Whitney 
Jane Horton Cantlin 
Frances Madigan Cramb 
Ellen Margolis Monk 
Roberta Munce Hayward 
Cynthia Rardin Crawford 
Kathleen Richter Cockfield 
Mary Lou Rossano 
Melissa Smith Hubbard 
Carol Spindler Picciano 
Ann Sterner Hyland 
Laura Struckoff Cline 
Janice Taylor Perruzzi 


Kathleen Conway Emerson 
Kathleen Cooper McElroy 
Martha Dirksen Adams 
Elizabeth Eager 
Maryrose Eramo 
Betsy Gimbel Ratner 
Laura Glass 
Jane Gordon Cobban 
Shelley Gray Krug 
Andrea Hansen Ritchie 
Sarah Holbrook Holt 
Susan Hulton Curtis 
Lydia Jewell Fardy 
Susan Judd Griswold 
Judith Kanoff Galvin 
Janet Kaull Doyle 
Suzanne La Coe Valade 
Constance R. Leavitt 
Linda Luskin Foy 
Maryann Mitchell 
Deborah Robbins Moser 
Marie Rondeau Elkins 
Linda M. Satterfield 
Shirley Diane Eaton Schwartz 
Colleen Scribner Balestrieri 
Leah Smith Schneier 
Bernette Sorgman Waxman 
Mary Ward Lucci 


Carol Ann Boisen 
Nancy Cole Resteghini 
Marinell Cushman Guazzo 
Linda Fogle Bailey 
Monica Fuchs Caplan 
Nora J. Ganslen 
Barbara Gantz Klein 
Suzanne H. Gordon 
Joan E. King 

Karla Kitaeff 
Susan J. Malmad 
Eileen M. McGuckian 
Sharon Perkins Behrens 
Pamela Shaw Lafaver 
Shirley Sparks Kent 
Marianne Thomen Williams 
Alexena S. Thun 
Victoria Wright Tuller 
Susan Younger Niederman 


Jane S. Axelrod 
Mary Bailey Hansen 
Ellin L. Blumberg 
Pamela Evans Berman 
Louise Harshaw Phelan 
Nancy P. Kuehl 
Karen A. Manchon 
Dana S. Meyers 
Helene G. Nelson 
Sabra Ruggles Mayfield 


Elizabeth Andrews 
Katherine Begg Kiernan 
Judith L. Cooper 
Christine M. Crotty 
Mary P. Ettari 
Deborah Glynn Jones 
Jeanne A. Johnsen 
Barbara Kaiser Martens 
Carol J. Mauro 
Margaret Mayo Phelps 
Kathleen Richards 


Carolyn E. Copeland 
Ruth S. Cushman 
Elizabeth C. Giltner 
Rosemary Ross 
Deborah S. Savacool 


Deborah A. Bradley 
Margaret D. Donohue 
Lonnie G. Grundy 
Tracy A. Lord 
Vickie Marchand Lessard 
Barbara E. Walsh 

Faculty-Former Faculty 

Mrs. J. Ward Brinton 
Miss Muriel R. McClelland 
Mr. Richard T. Pratt 
Dr. Donald J. Winslow 
Mr. Richard A. Winslow 


Connecticut Valley 
Gold Coast-Florida 
Greater Boston 
Southern California 
Western Massachusetts 

Winslow Bookshelf 

In Honor: Frances Atwood 
In Memory: Ethel Ramage Lougee '19 
David Rosen 

Contributors to the 
Lasell Parents Fund 

Joseph R. Cafarella 

Mr. & Mrs. R. E. Reitman 

Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Slickerman 

Owen V. Kirk 

Andrew Baird 

Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Orsi 

Mrs. Eleanor W. Schulz 

Mrs. James M. West 

Mrs. Charles Schoenfeld 

Mrs. Roberta S. Henderson 

Mr. & Mrs. H. Stuart Harrison 

Mrs. Donald Russell, Jr. 

Dr. & Mrs. Ralph W. Getty 

Max Farash 

Mr. & Mrs. John E. Kaufman 

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson G. Burke 

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Zaletta, Jr. 

Mr. & Mrs. G. B. Beitzel 

Mrs. George Walko 

Walter E. Whitton 

Mrs. Ethel G. Foy 

Mrs. George W. Wagner 

Mr. & Mrs. William S. Brown 

Mrs. Genevieve Hill 

Mr. & Mrs. E. Sanford Ritter 

( In honor of Frances Atwood) 
Mr. & Mrs. Charles N. Sweetser 
Mr. & Mrs. Vinton E. Gregory 
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ruderman 
Mrs. Chester E. Bond 
Mrs. Roberta S. Henderson 
Mrs. Wade L. Roberts 
Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Nickerson 
Mr. & Mrs. Philip E. Wait 
Mr. & Mrs. Earle E. Jacobs, Jr. 
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred K. Birch 
Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Preston 
Mr. & Mrs. William J. Slickerman 
David Ames 
Robert J. Smith 
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth F. Clarke, Jr. 

Lasell Associates 

(Denotes a gift to the 

Lasell Annual Fund 

of $250 or more.) 

Elizabeth Love Macey '08 
Mabel Straker Kimball '16 
Lydia Adams Godsoe '18 
Dorothy Barnes Paine '18 
Marguerite Houser Hamlin '19 
Ruth Rawlings Mott '21 
Mabel Rawlings Eckhardt '22 
Barbara Smith Huntington '22 
Helen Perry '24 
Helen Black Sprague '25 
Rosalie Brightman Rosen '27 
Virginia Ogden Hayes '33 
Janet Owens DeArment '37 
Marian Sleeper Hall '37 
Margaret Beach Otis '47 
Marion Ettinger McDonald '50 
Elizabeth Backus Girard '60 
Dr. Donald Winslow 
Mr. Richard Winslow 

Matching Gifts 

Aetna Life & Casualty Company 

American Can Company 

American Express Foundation 

American Optical Corporation 

Anaconda Company 

Arkwright-Boston Insurance Company 

Associated Spring Corporation 

Bank of New York 

Burlington Industries 

Chase Manhattan Bank Foundation 

Commercial Union Assurance Companies 

Connecticut Bank & Trust Company 

Connecticut General Insurance Corporation 

Continental Can Company 

The Continental Corporation Foundation 

Digital Equipment Corporation 

General Foods Fund Incorporated 

Gillette Company 

John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company 

Hartford Insurance Group Foundation 

I.B.M. Corporation 

Kendall Company Foundation 

Kidder Peabody Foundation 

Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company Foundation 

McGraw-Hill Incorporated 

Mead Johnson & Company Foundation 

Mobil Foundation 


New Canaan Travel Agency 

Northeast Utilities Service Company 

Norton Company 

P.P.G. Industries Foundation 

Polaroid Corporation Foundation 

Riegel Textile Corporation 

Southeast Banking Corporation 

Southern New England Telephone 

Time Incorporated 

Towers, Perrin, Forster & Crosby Incorporated 

Travelers Insurance Company 

Xerox Corporation 

Young and Rubicam Foundation 



Our thanks to all who contributed to the Annual Fund — and especially to the many class chairmen 
and agents who performed so well this year. 

Below are the leading classes in percentage of participation and by amount: 


% Participation 






















































Class Notes 



Michelle Nichols x-'68 to Thomas G. 

Elizabeth Flanz '69 to Robert Macauley 
Dorrit L. Weiss '69 to Bruce M. Tompkins 
Carol Erlin 71 to Daniel Gerard 
Marie E. Cianciolo 72 to Christopher B. 

Susan H. Sodnowsky 74 to Steven T. 



(Virginia) Ginger Martin '62 and Forrest 
E. Paradise on June 21, 1975 in New 
York, N.Y. 

Jan Heaviside 70 and John B. Wagner 
III on June 28, 1975 in Winnetka, III. 

Karla M. Kitaeff 70 and William Baig on 
July 6, 1975 in Pompton Lakes, N.J. 

Judith Carl 71 and Edward Godfrey on 
May 17, 1975 in Simsbury, Ct. 

Harriett J. Marcus 71 and James 
Ykasala on June 15, 1975 in Ran- 
dolph, Ma. 

Patricia L. Noon 71 and Walter G. 
Cawley, Jr. on April 19, 1975 in 
Orange, Ct. 

Judith Roslund 72 and Edward F. Rein- 
hardt on May 17, 1975 in Glen Cove, 

Lisa J. Rosner 72 and Mark R. Suss- 
man on June 8, 1975 in Woodbridge, 

Ellen M. Beatty 73 and Richard Corfield 
on April 5, 1975 in Watertown, Ma. 

Mary L. Carpenter 73 and Edward T. 
Kerrigan on June 21, 1975 in West- 
port, Ct. 

Gail A. McDonough 73 and Kevin A. 
Cronin on June 6, 1975 in Milton, Ma. 

Nancy J. McKeagney 73 and Michael J. 
Votto on May 31, 1975 in Cheshire, Ct. 

Marilyn Ricker 73 and John L. Packard 
on June 7, 1975 in Brockton, Ma. 

Karen A. White 73 and John E. Vernon 
on June 14, 1975 in Plantsville, Ct. 

Nancy Wood 73 and James A. Flood on 
May 31, 1975 in Cheshire, Ct. 

Margaret McLellan 74 and Gary P. Cyr 
on June 14, 1975 in Camden, Maine 

Alice A. Walsh 74 and Robert C. Buck- 
ley on June 28, 1975 in Holliston, Ma. 

Elizabeth C. Becker 75 and Peter B. 
Tinkham on June 15, 1975 in Need- 
ham, Ma. 

Christine A. Romaniello 75 and Michael 
Defiel on June 29, 1975 in Riverside, 


To Joan Bloch Hulihan '56, first child, a 
daughter, Elizabeth Dana, on Feb- 
ruary 21, 1975. 

To Charlotte Brown McDowell '60, sec- 
ond child, first son, Francis Lee, on 
June 18, 1975. 

To Janie Pearson Kurz '64, third daugh- 
ter, Caroline Pearson, on March 27, 

To Louise Schwartz Rose '65, second 
child, first son, Jeffrey Ian, on Feb- 
ruary 4, 1975. 

To Helene Viener Sowerby '65, a son, 
Joseph Philip, on February 22, 1975. 

To Kathleen Cooper McElroy '69, a son, 
Sean Brendan, on February 6, 1975. 

To Susan Henrickson Frary '69, a 
daughter, Amy Danielle, on March 24, 

To Joyce Goldstein Brink 70, a daugh- 
ter, Marcy, on April 15, 1975. 

In Memoriam 

Cora Stone Trimmer x-'02 on May 20, 

1975 in Waltham, Ma. 
Margaret Lamborn Zang x-'06 in August 

Madelene Halberstadt Kynor x-'09 on 

April 22, 1975. 
Mary Goodwillie Townsend '12 on June 

2, 1975 in Proctor, Vt. 
Jean Humbird Dickason x-'13 on April 

10, 1975. 
Dorothy Dale Smith x-'15 on May 1, 

1975 in Los Angeles, Ca. 
Louise Bisbee Snyder '15-'17 on May 

23, 1975 in Falmouth, Me. 
Evelyn Shidler Robertson '23 on July 12, 

1975 in Sarasota, Fla. 
Lucia Lingham x-'29 on June 14, 1975 

in Lockport, N.Y. 
Mary Moss Tiffany '30 on July 20, 1975 

in Buffalo, N.Y. 
Miriam Abbe Fowler '31 on July 17, 

1975 in Boynton Beach, Fla. 
Helen Dunlap Kayes x-'34 on August 5, 

Barbara Clarkson Moody x-'38 on July 

23, 1975 in Pittsburgh, Penna. 
Jean "Terry" Akeson Graham '41 on 

May 3, 1975 in Mill Valley, Ca. 
Barbara Krause Casey '43 on October 

4, 1974. 
Dr. Charles E. Barry (Faculty 1966-75) 

on July 3, 1975 in Boston, Ma. 

News of Margaret Trice Gibbens: "My 
'All Seeing Fingers' enable me to add 
to my hobbies — macrame, hanging 
baskets and beads. Also enjoy crochet- 
ing afghans — have made seven during 
the last year. Wonderful friends with 
'Seeing Eyes' helped me choose colors. 
Sincere thanks to Lasell for helping me 
to adjust to a normal life." 

Maude Hayden Keeney writes: "Noth- 
ing noteworthy in my life lately. Sister 
Ruth (Hayden '20) spent the winter in 
Sarasota; daughter Florence (Keeney 
Havens '48) has three sons in college." 


Sally Wild Gordon spent "five delight- 
ful months at the Alamos, Sonora Mex- 
ico home." 

Pauline Butler Poore sends a new 
address: 440 North Avenue, Northside 
Apartments, Haverhill, Ma. 01830. 


The Class extends sympathy to Mary 
Lou Weymouth Thompson and to her 
daughter, Sally Thompson Carr '56. 
Mary Lou's husband, Ralph, died on 
August 12, 1974. Mr. Thompson, a 
retired banker, was active in Belfast 
community affairs and served two terms 
in the Maine State Legislature. 

Barbara Smith Huntington admits: 
"I'm still at it though I'm old enough to 
know better! Teaching others to sing is 
enjoyable, profitable and rejuvenating." 

Dr. and Mrs. (Nancy Edwards) Shanetz 
and Family 

Frances Johnsen Edwards '15 



Madeleine "Rothie" Roth White and 
husband will be spending summers in 
New England — their younger son and 
family are now living in Amesbury, Ma. 
The Whites were in Mexico and Baja 
California during February and March. 

From Honolulu Helen Duncan Dev- 
ereux sends word to "Lasell Friends — I 
am so busy doing things to write about 
that I don't have time to write about the 
things I am doing! But since you asked 
for it, here it is! After writing U.S. Air 
Force history at Hickam Air Force 
Base for nine years, and then writing 
and editing a Navy newspaper at Pearl 
Harbor for seven years, it was a joy to 
retire early and enjoy the many things 
that have filled the void of a childless 
marriage. When Roy retired in 1971, we 
bought a truck and pick-up camper in 
Utah and spent seven months touring 
the United States and Canada. Since 
then our camper has been taken from 
its winter home in California and driven 
around and across the country with no 
deadlines to meet and little thought of 
responsibilities at home. It is a wonder- 
ful way to travel — no reservations, no 
packing or unpacking suitcases, eat 
when and where we want, stop almost 
anywhere, any time for pictures or 
lunches, or a swim, or to see friends 
and relatives. Our camper is our hotel 
room — and nobody has to fix up a guest 
room. Almost every year since 1968, 
I have traveled to foreign countries with 
our retired minister and his wife, who 
take a group somewhere every summer, 
as their hobby. We have visited South 
and Central America, Alaska, Europe, 
the Soviet Union, Scandinavia and the 
Middle East on a westward trip around 
the world. Roy and I visited Japan, and 
this past winter we rented campers for 
a four-month trek in Australia and New 
Zealand, with a brief visit to Fiji. My 
other major hobby is photography. We 
have enhanced our travels with colored 
slides and movies, and have shared our 
travelogs with many church groups, 
hospital patients, senior citizens, and 
numerous other groups — not to mention 
families and friends! I look forward 
eagerly to our 50th Reunion. God will- 
ing, I'll be there next year! A fond Aloha 
Nui — Love to all." 

The Class extends sympathy to 
Dorothy Hale Brown and to her daugh- 
ter, Charlotte Brown McDowell '60. 
Dorothy's husband, Calvin Lee Brown 
died on April 27, 1975. 


Barbara Tait Brooks has moved to 
Palm Beach (2170 Ibis Isle Road); she 
and her husband raise, train, exhibit and 
sell Saddlebred Horses and Hackney 
Ponies at and from Brookmont Farm in 
Lebanon, Tennessee. Barbara reports a 
delightful visit with Alice Turkington 
Picard when Alice and her husband 
stopped at the Farm. 


Edith Hussey Adams writes: "Our 
town (Little Compton, R.I.) — observing 
its 300th anniversary — will have a two- 
week celebration in July. Eldest son is 
married — working and living in Hawaii — 
building a home there which we hope to 
see soon! Younger son, wife and our 
first grandchild, Sarah, live in Florida- — 
she will have a sparkling' first birthday 
on July 4th!" 


Sincere sympathy is extended to Alice 
Pratt Brown, whose husband, William 
W. Brown, died suddenly on June 20, 
1975. In addition to his widow, Bill is 
survived by his father, two sons, a 
daughter and five grandchildren. 

The musical composition, "Home- 
Coming, The Loveliness of Maine," is 
truly a Lasell composition. The music 
was written by Isabelle Daggett Wilson; 
words by Adelbert M. Jakeman, father- 
in-law of Jill ian Carle x-'57; cover sketch 
by Lillian S. Jakeman; typography by 
Jillian's husband, Adelbert M. Jakeman, 
Jr. The work enjoyed its first public 
performance at the State of Maine 
Writer's Conference held at Ocean 
Park on August 21, 1974. "Zip" and 
Don now spend "retired" winter months 
in Naples, Florida; summer in Ocean 
Park, where they are neighbors of the 


From Eunice Stack O'Connor: "My 
new name is O'Coronary — having sur- 
vived the second attack! Still cannot 
leave my darling grandsons — Kenneth, 
6, and Jeff, 5 — to move to Florida." 


The Class extends sincere sympathy 
to Elizabeth Page Sealey, whose hus- 
band, John, died suddenly on June 17, 

Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ridgway Macy 
(Katherine Hartman) announce the mar- 
riage of their daughter, Florence Fred- 
erick, to John Thomas Stickney, Jr. on 
May 17, 1975 at Oyster Bay, N.Y. 


The altar, stained glass window 
panels, pews and other furnishings for 
the newly-established chapel at the 
Glover Memorial Hospital (Needham, 
Ma.) are the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Roland 
L. Studley (Helen Gibbs). The four 
stained glass windows depict a cross, 
an open Torah, an outstretched hand of 
God and a sparrow; they honor the 
Studley grandchildren. The altar is 
donated in honor of the Studley chil- 
dren, Judith Allen, Lee Edward Allen, 
Linda Buchman Allen and Susan Studley 

Carol Morehouse Jones sends up-to- 
date news of the family: "Our second 
daughter, Kathy (Jones vanRenesse '67) 
had a second child, a daughter, Anneke 
Lysbeth, in August '74. Youngest daugh- 
ter, Susan, is a member of Lasell's Class 
of 1976. Eldest daughter, Nancy Jones 
Ketchum, and family have moved to 
Hancock, N.H.; her husband, Brad, is 
associated with YANKEE, Inc. Son Bill 
and wife Gretchen live in Philadelphia. 
We have four grandchildren." 

Bettina Cook Kalbach is looking for- 
ward to a cruising family reunion this 
summer. "We will cruise the Gulf Islands 
in British Columbia; daughter and hus- 
band are chartering a cruise at the same 
time; our two sons and daughters-in- 
law will join us. 


Eunice Robinson Miles is a graduate 
gemologist of the Gemological Institute 
of America and a certified gemologist 
of the American Gem Society. She 
specialized in Mineralogy and Geology 
at M.I.T.; became assistant to the late 
Dr. Edward Wigglesworth, curator of 
the Mineralogy Department and Di- 
rector of the Museum of Natural History 
in Boston. In the mineralogy department 
of the Natural History Museum in New 
York City, Eunice participated in special 
project work in both minerals and gems. 
During this time she photographed the 
black and white illustrations for Fred- 
rick Pough, author of "A Field Guide to 
Rocks and Minerals" — the popular Field 
Guide Series. She worked on the famous 
Boyce Thompson Jade Collection at the 
Thompson Mansion and its accession to 
the museum. For the past 20 years 
Eunice has been affiliated with the 
Gemological Institute of America as an 
active staff gemologist and instructor. 
Presently, she is involved in career 
guidance and curriculum enrichment 
through gemology from elementary to 
college level. Eunice has been engaged 
in lecturing and writing, as well as 
appearing on radio and television. 
Travel has taken her on numerous trips 
photographing gem mines, trading cen- 
ters of South America and the diamond 
rivers in Venezuela and Brazil. These 
experiences prepared her to act as tech- 
nical adviser to the 1974 South America 
G.I. A. Seminar. 

Jane Eldridge Meaney and husband 
enjoyed their first European trip last fall. 
A member of the party was Mrs. Jessie 
Smith, secretary at Lasell's Admission 
Office. The Meaney's younger daughter, 
a senior at Cedar Crest College, is a 
Merit Award winner in Kodak's Inter- 
national Contest. 

Betty Harrington VanHuysen asks: 
"Where is Jan Piper? Correspondence 
bad on this end." (Janice is Mrs. H. F. 
Bonacquist, 2512 Eastern Parkway, 
Schenectady, N.Y. 12309). 

Glennys Preston Allicon has dis- 
covered that two Lasell classmates — 
Louise Tardivel Higgins and Priscilla 


Parmenter Madden — are "near neigh- 
bors" to her sister, Lois Preston, who 
now lives in Wellesley. 


Virginia Allen Hartwell is volunteer 
coordinator, accompanist and puppeteer 
on the children's program, "The Happy 
Place," offered by an Orange (Ca.) TV 


Congratulations to Ruth "Kupe" 
Shepard Cushman, winner of the cruis- 
ing class of the John's Pass Race, 
held at Clearwater, Fla. in May. Kupe 
placed third in the Spring Series, third 
in the Honeywell Race and second in 
the Fall Series, cruising class. Her 
regular racing crew is comprised of 
daughter, Ruth (Cushman 73), sister, 
Olivia Shepard, and a friend of Ruth's. 
Many of the trophies which adorn the 
"sailing room" in Kupe's waterfront 
Clearwater home were won aboard her 
latest boat, the Maru III, named for 
daughters, Marinell (Cushman Guazzo 
'70) and Ruth. When next she visits her 
parents in Clearwater, Eleanor Parmer 
Farrar plans to get in touch with Kupe. 


The Class extends sincere sympathy 
to Betty McGrath Brown and to Mary 
McGrath Lennenberg '40. Their father, 
Mr. William L. McGrath, died in April 
1975. The April 23rd edition of the 
Cincinnati ENQUIRER carried an edi- 
torial which described Mr. McGrath, the 
retired president and chairman of the 
Williamson Company, "a significant con- 
tributor to the success of dozens of 
the Queen City's business, industrial 
and financial institutions. Mr. McGrath 
was endowed with all the ingredients of 
useful citizenship — a circumstance that 
marks him as one whom Cincinnati and 
the Nation will not soon forget." 

Gertrude Fischer shares a letter from 
Ginny Black DeLong: "We are not too 
far from the outskirts of Fort Wayne — 
go there for shopping, to see friends and 
to attend church. Keep in touch with 
Welly (Dorothy Welch Taylor); we 
haven't met for a reunion yet — she is 
several hours' drive away in Dayton. 
My husband, a retired research chem- 
ist, does a lot of substitute teaching at 
the beautiful, modern high school. We 
own two farms, one on which the farm 
manager lives and is used as central 
point for all management; the other 
(where we live) is a lovely Pennsylvania 
Dutch brick house (my great-grandfather 
made the brick). We have a lovely large 
yard, many trails in the woods, several 
ponds with much wild life — including 
blue heron, mallard ducks and our two 
dogs! The children are grown — Mari- 
anna graduated with honors from State 

University of New York at Potsdam; 
she lives and works in Albany. Dick, a 
graduate of Tri-State (Angola, Ind.), 
works in Production Technology in 

Betty Dungan Norden reports of her 
family: Daughter, Deveney, was married 
in 1971. A graduate of Salem State, she 
is presently teaching at Medford High 
School. Eric, an alumnus of the Univer- 
sity of Miami, is an engineer at Ray- 
theon, Wayland; Curtis, a junior at 
Arlington High School. 

Marguerite Haldeman Sawyer is mak- 
ing her permanent home in Florida — 
2650 Gulf Shore Boulevard, North, 
Naples 33940. 


Sam and Mary Ann (Fisher) Espy cele- 
brated their 30th wedding anniversary 
on April 28, 1975. Anne Witney Shea 
and Mary Hurley Cook and husbands 
attended the New Martinsville festivities. 

From Betty Polhemus Davies: "Four 
of the five children have graduated from 
college — the 5th is finishing his 2nd 
year at the University of Washington in 
Seattle. We travel a lot and enjoy skiing, 
tennis and sailing." 

Helen Keenan Centlivre is Mrs. Gary 
P. Robers, 4310 Old Mill Road, Fort 
Wayne, Ind. 46807. 

A successful candidate, Ruth Bow- 
lend Eckhoff, is now Register of Probate 
for Carroll County, New Hampshire. Her 
husband is assistant superintendent of 
the County Jail and head of the House 
of Correction. Ruth's older daughter, 
Tiffany Jean Niblett, lives in Manhattan, 
Kansas with her husband and two chil- 
dren; #2 daughter, Devon Elizabeth 
Delk, and family live in Bloomfield, 
Connecticut. Steven, a high school 
senior, plans to be a small engine 
mechanic; Peter is the athlete of the 
family; after two more years of high 
school, he will continue a sports career 
at college. 

Barbara Kelly Morell is "thoroughly 
enjoying life in Rome. Each day has its 
challenges and excitement. In addition 
to Italian lessons, I go to the opera, 
lectures and architecture classes." 

Sue Naeher Koch writes: "Remarried 
last November and now am mother of 
sorts to nine (including my three) — ages 
11-30! Life is full and beautiful." Sue is 
Mrs. G. Fred Koch, 310 Buffalo Road, 
East Aurora, N.Y. 14052. 


Olga Costes Urban is "still in Arling- 
ton, Va. (4914 N. 25th Rd.) and love it. 
Daughter, Cindy, will be a junior at the 
University of Vermont majoring in Early 
Childhood Development and Family 
Relations. Son, Tom, has received his 
Master's in Public Administration from 
American University and is with the 
Arlington County Manager's office. 
Daughter-in-law, Vicki, will attend the 

University of Virginia's Law School in 
September. As for me, I'm discovering 
I can do just what I want to do!" 

New addresses for Bob and Betty 
Schmidt Morrill: April 15 to December 1: 
Wellsweep Farm, Rt. 171, Mountain 
Road, Tuftonboro Corner, Ossipee, N.H. 
03864; December 1 to April 15: 14 Fair- 
ways, Delray Dunes, Delray Beach, Fla. 

"I love being Grammie!" — that's from 
Christine Turnbull Jensen. Four of Chris- 
tine's five children are married — she has 
nine grandchildren. 

Ruth Davenport Walker and husband, 
Jim, are active in the Marine Corps 
League and American Legion and Aux- 
iliaries. Oldest daughter, Ellie, was mar- 
ried in June 1971; Kathy, a '74 graduate 
of the Norwood High School, is a secre- 
tary at Sun Life Insurance, Wellesley; 
Ginny enters her junior year at Norwood 
High. The Walker's only son, Jimmy, is 
a patient at the Lakeville (Ma.) Hospital. 
He remains in a coma following a serious 
automobile accident in December 1973. 


Ann Scott Lauer and Jean Campbell 
have discovered mutual friends in Nau- 
gatuck, Ct. While on a winter vacation 
in Florida, Ann enjoyed a visit with Jean 
O'Brien Heavey. 


Jeannette Ingersoll Maskell proudly 
announces the arrival of grandson #2, 
Kevin, born February 8, 1975 at Ram- 
stein AFB, West Germany. 


Shirley Thome Brady asks: "Where 
are all the '48-ers? Someone out there 
must be doing something more interest- 
ing than belonging to Garden Clubs, 
Bridge Clubs, driving Junior and his 
sister to baseball practice and sports 
events! Often think of Lasell friends — 
come on, Gardner Gals, what are you 

"I have a daughter in the family at 
last!" exclaims Jeanne Williams Walz. 
Jonathan was married in January, 1973; 
he graduated cum laude from the Uni- 
versity of New Hampshire with special 
honors in Economics and Political Sci- 
ence. Andy will be a freshman at UNH; 
Jimmy enters 7th grade. 

Audrey Souther DesRoches continues 
to teach pre-schoolers three days a 
week. Daughter, Dianne, is to be married 
in August. 

Dorothy Azadian McKinnon and min- 
ister-husband are active in community 
affairs in Long Valley, N.J. Eldest son, 
John, is serving with the Navy's 7th 
Fleet; Mark enters N.J. Institute of 
Technology in September; Grace, 
Matthew, Luke, Timothy and Andrew 
are "active" at home. 


Barbara Davis Collins reports "life 
at the Collins home is busy as usual. I'm 
active with the Health Museum, garden 
club, volunteer work at the hospital and 
trying to play tennis." 

Lois McLucas Martin's daughter, 
Patricia, graduated in May from East 
Stroudsburg State College; son, Alan, 
was married on April 20, 1974. 


Before leaving for a three-week trip 
to Africa with the family, Kay Poore 
Hamel forwarded news of three class- 
mates. Helen Hamilton Croot's daughter 
Laurie, now 17, relieves Helen with the 
chauffeuring duties; Gary, 15, is active 
in Pop Warner football; Andrea, 7, a 
great swimmer, really enjoys the new 
family pool. Nan Colman Hill, in charge 
of personnel for the secretarial staff of 
the New England Board of Higher Edu- 
cation, has three sons. Darenis a third 
year student at Northeastern; Dana, a 
senior in high school; Eric, a high 
school junior. Cynthia Woodward With- 
erell's Nancy is a student at Bates; 
Andy, busy "shopping" for September 
'75 college entrance. 

Fran Smith Macdonald's daughter, 
Laura, was graduated from Lasell in 
May 1975. Laurie served as Day Student 
Chairwoman; was elected to Who's Who 
in American Junior Colleges; will con- 
tinue at UMass. Marsha will be a Lasell 
freshman; David, a senior in high school. 


Recent word from Susan Baker Chase: 
"My husband is president and I am vice 
president-treasurer of Tri-Cities Food 
Specialties Inc., which owns and op- 
erates four Hickory Farms Specialty 
Food stores — three in New York; one in 
Massachusetts; three new locations 
pending. Our oldest son graduates from 
college this May; plans to head for 
California and a career in cinema. A 
retarded daughter is a nursery school 
teacher; the youngest graduates from 
high school next year; looks forward 
to a Business Administration degree 
from college and will join Mom and Dad 
in the retail field." 

Joanne Monahan Garrity is secretary 
for Westchester County's Department 
of Planning. Daughter Tally will be a 
freshman at Smith. Betty Lou Shattuck 
Musser's Karen Ann attends Wheelock 

The Reynolds Family (Beverly Pink) 
is "happy and healthy — enjoy skiing — 
camped to the West five times." 

Barbara "Boots" Keyes MacKinnon 
and husband announce the arrival of 
#6 child, to whom they refer affection- 
ately as "the anchor man." 


Phyllis Gleason Riley declares: "Looks 
as though we're here (770 Nacion 

a cross-country 
days in Honolulu 

Avenue, Chula Vista, Ca.) to stay. Tad 
is working for the City of San Diego. 
Glad to have Merry MacLean Suzan in 
the area again. Marty Thomas Hasak 
and Rudy were here for a convention — 
after 20 years we had a great visit! 
While on a visit to my mother in Rhode 
Island I enjoyed a long telephone chat 
with Louise Jaeger Carr." 


A new address for Carol Moriarty 
Phleger: COMNAVPHIL Staff, Box 30, 
FPO San Francisco 96651. Carol's hus- 
band, a Navy captain, is to begin a 
two-year tour at Subic Bay, Philippines. 
In August Carol and the children will 
join him; they plan 
sightseeing bit, a few 
— then on to Manila. 

Mary Ann Donahue is associate pro- 
ducer for CBS News on the Bi-Centen- 
nial Series, "The American Parade." 
During five weeks this spring they filmed 
in Kansas; in the fall, in Massachusetts 
and Rhode Island. Mary Ann adds: "On 
the non-corporate front, a screenplay 
I co-authored a few years ago is getting 
some serious attention. Perhaps by this 
time next year, I'll have a more specific 
and tangible report." 

Joan Darelius Chirnside and family 
are "extra busy with a sideline and 
hobby — Colonial copper lamps and 
candle holders. Ran an ad in YANKEE 
magazine — great response from all over 
the States." 

Janet Pearson Hauck's son Peter is a 
freshman at Gettysburg College; David, 
a junior in high school; 7th grader 
Julie's "thing" is gymnastics. 


The Fosters (Marian Lougee) are mov- 
ing to country living — 6922 Springfield- 
Jamestown Road, Springfield, Ohio 
45502. A farm has been purchased; they 
are looking forward to remodelling an 
old farmhouse. 

Sandy Davis Mather would "love to 
hear from Lasell friends." Her address: 
24741 San Vincent Lane, Mission Viejo, 
Ca. 92675. 

Gwen Paul Doughty's son, Donald, 
will attend this year's Boy Scout World 

Dick and Nancy Swanson Horsfield 
were in Spain in March — "our first 
vacation without the children and an 
early 20th anniversary celebration. 
Surely hope I don't have to wait until 
our 40th to go again! Our eldest is in 
college taking Food Service and Hotel 
Management; our sophomore daughter 
spent a weekend in Meredith, N.H. on a 
band exchange weekend. Thank good- 
ness the two younger girls aren't all 
that involved — yet!" 


Mary Augur Wallace is a member of 
the faculty at Branford (Ct.) High 
School; her husband, Associate Profes- 
sor, Management and Industrial Rela- 
tions, at the University of Bridgeport. 

Mary Laham Shagoury's three chil- 
dren are 15, 14, and 8. Mary works part- 
time as a bank teller. 

Marguerite Cramer Cain visited Nancy 
Smith Marchese in Florida and reports: 
"it was fun to see her after 20 years." 
And after the same amount of time, 
Barbara Foster Wickwire met Joan 
Baker Cornell. Bobbie admits: "We 
think we both look as we did in 1956; 
but if we do, the sands of time have 
made their first two exceptions." 


The John Abercrombies 
Priscilla Fenton '55 

Sue VanHorn VanArsdale writes to: 
"Dear Lasell: Our children have really 
grown up. Kathy, almost sweet-sixteen, 
is every bit a teenager. Jim, 13, attends 
Valley Forge Military Academy; our 
little Debby is now a big 8 going on 
92! I keep busy playing lots of tennis, 
traveling with the family and above all, 
keeping a happy home. Love to all." 

From Margaret Moore Watts: "Ste- 
phen, 13, and Deborah, 8, are growing 
too rapidly. I continue to enjoy bridge 
and sewing, and for years have been 
active in our PTO — enjoy doing for and 
working with children." 


Carol MacLeod Huggard will graduate 
in June 1976 from Union College with a 
B.S. in Psychology. 


Martha Houle Walsh is "being kept 
very busy with two very active young- 
sters. Would love to hear from any 
'59ers — especially those in the Port- 
land (Me.) area." 

From California Eileen Dahl Lord 
sends greetings to all. Eileen and 
daughter, Cindy, attended the April 
luncheon of the Southern California 


Scott and Lynne Collins 
Judy Cassoli '60 


Mildred Gillis Pereira has a new ad- 
dress: 392 Brenda Lane, Franklin, Ma. 
02038. She has been teaching art in 
Vernon, Ct. and was President of the 
Art Association there. Last summer 
Millie enjoyed a visit with Linda Leser 
Robinson and Babs Stark MacKenzie; 
frequently she sees Jan Bateman 

Nan Sparks Hunter sends word from 
Brigham Hill Farm, Grafton (Ma.), where 
"everything is fine — farm life is fun — 
we're into animal raising rather than 
land use. Received my counseling cer- 
tification in January; Master's on the 

Rona Ruderman is now Mrs. Richard 
W. Goldstein, 13317 Westcove Drive, 
Los Angeles, Ca. 90049. 


Bill and Sandy Foundas Connors 
are the proud parents of William Martin, 
born June 3, 1974. 

Ann Abbott Bowler lives near Roches- 
ter (1616 Plank Rd., Webster, N.Y. 
14580) with her husband and three 
sons, Mark, Steve and Christopher. 

Sheilah Keil Pollack works for a 
Philadelphia brokerage firm. Frequently 
sees Karen Mandel Marschall and Dee 
Drozek Sommer; corresponds with 
Carol Rzeznikiewicz Russell. Sheilah is 
working toward a degree in Business 
Administration via evening classes at 
Temple University. 

Nance Magill Karp sends a new ad- 
dress: 1901 Village Road West, Nor- 
wood, Ma. 02062. 

Dee Orben Campbell is "busy as 
secretary (second term) for the Junior 
Woman's Club of Chatham (N.J.) The 
side line — painting and designing 
wooden figures — is growing and grow- 
ing — have added pocketbooks, picnic 
baskets and tooth-fairy boxes." 

Betsy MacMillan Blackledge manages 
"to get somewhat settled in spite of 
keeping busy with Cub Scouts (Mark) 
and eleven-to-one kindergarten hours 
(Andrew and Steven). Have taken 
classes at Mesa Community College and 
am working on tennis — again." 

Heather Maxwell Parsons and hus- 
band are remodeling a 130-year-old 
home in Homer, N.Y. With Kim and 
Greg they plan a vacation to New 
England — hopefully, a visit at Lasell. 

Christine Shier Nadler sends "Greet- 
ings from Illinois. We moved here (806 
Broadview Avenue, Highland Park) just 
six weeks after our son, Adam, was 
born. Found a rambling Dutch colonial 
near the lake — don't feel too divorced 
from our New England roots." 


After graduating at Lasell, Edna Mary 
Shannon transferred to Skidmore Col- 
lege; received an A.B. at Harvard in 
1966. She has been active on project 
basis in public relations, primarily 
marketing financial services and con- 
ducting market surveys for commercial 
banks. She also holds a New York State 
real estate salesman's license. 


Barbara Zink Kanzinger sends word: 
"In May '74 Bill and I and our son, Chad, 
took a trip to a friend's ranch in Wyo- 
ming and on to California. In March '75 
we had our second son, Albert Millard 
Jr., whom we call Chip. Chad may love 
him to death!" 

Helene Smith Shippen remembers "a 
wonderful Christmas — with family com- 
ing from Pennsylvania and Delaware. 
My table looked like a page from Gour- 
met Magazine — fantastic array of home- 
made Swiss holiday goodies prepared 
by Grandma." 

Felice Goldman Resko keeps in touch 
with Lasell roommate, Judy Adelson 
Wein; visited Jean Somers Everson in 
Indiantown, Fla. 


We extend sincere sympathy to Karen 
Brown Ferris, whose husband, Richard, 
was killed in an automobile accident 
July 14, 1975 in Great Barrington, Ma. 

John and Carol Bettman Hebbe live 
in Fairfax, Virginia (5307 Orchardson 
Court) with their children, Kirsten b. 
9/28/72 and Christopher b. 10/11/74. 
John is a pilot with United Airlines. 


Barbara Bunce Fullop is a sporting 
goods representative, "the only woman 
in the business," and travels six Rocky 
Mountain states. Her address: 1440 
Columbine, Denver, Co. 80206. 

News of Carole Howe: "In January 
I took the plunge — resigned my nurse- 
midwifery job in Ohio; attend U.Mass. 
Amherst; working towards a B.S. in 


Melissa Smith Hubbard, a '73 grad- 
uate of Boston College, did a semester 
of graduate school; since February 1974 
has been coordinating courses for Tufts 
University's medical and dental students. 

Kathy Richter Cockfield writes from 
395 Maple Avenue, Cheshire, Ct.: 
"Earned a B.S. in Nursing from the 
University of Bridgeport and for the 
past five years I have been working in 
mental health facilities. Currently brush- 
ing up for graduate record exams, and 
plan to go back to school in about a 
year to become a Psychiatric Clinical 
Specialist. Have lost contact with class- 
mates and would love to hear." 

Pamela Peterson Alford and Peter are 
now at the Loomis-Chaffee School, 
Windsor, Ct. Peter is Director of Ad- 
missions and Financial Aid; Pam assists 
in the girls' athletic department. 

First Birthday Party for Elise Christine 

Kathy Richter '68 



To "Classmates of '69" from Colleen 
Scribner Balestrieri: "Just a short note 
to let you all know I am alive and well — 
living in sunny Florida. Pete and I were 
married on January 18; enjoyed a won- 
derful honeymoon in Puerto Rico. Marie 
Rondeau Elkins came for the wedding. 
Presently I am working at a local hos- 
pital in the psychiatric unit. Pete and I 
plan to travel next summer — so watch 
out — '69 Nursing Grads — I may see 

Linda Luskin Foy is a medical as- 
sistant with the Cardiology Group of 
Springfield. Her husband, an executive 
administrative assistant at Springfield 
District Court, is completing his final 
year at Western New England College 
School of Law. 

Elizabeth Eager, a 74 Simmons grad, 
is a research assistant at Children's 
Hospital and lives at 32 River Ridge 
Road, Wellesley Hills, Ma. 02181. 

Kathleen Ahearne Pedrick has a busy 
schedule — teaching 3's and 4's at Lenox 
Hill Head Start and attending night 
school. Her goal in the latter: Master's 

Joel and Judy Kanoff Galvin are very 
busy with their new investment — a home 
at 80 Curtis Drive, New Haven, Ct. They 
have two daughters, Kim and Jennifer. 

Leah Smith Schneier received her 
B.A. in Education from NYU in 1972; 
has just completed her M.A. in Remedial 
reading. Leah teaches kindergarten at 
a private professional children's school 
in New York; her husband, who holds a 
Juris Doctoral degree in Law from 
Fordham University, is a lawyer with a 
New York Accounting firm. Leah would 
enjoy hearing from former Woodland 
housemates; the Schneier's address: 
157 East 57th Street, New York, N.Y. 


Dear Lasell, 

Thought I would write to tell you what 
I've been doing. After graduating from 
the University of Maryland as an art 
teacher, could not find a job — eventually 
talked my way into a designer's job 
with a large architectural firm in Balti- 
more. Plan to attend the University of 
Pennsylvania — will work toward a Mas- 
ter's in Landscape Architecture. Do 
want to say Hello to Laurie Tallman 
Zide, Stefanie Packer, Nancy Bellows, 
Marcia Green, Betsi Eisman Panis and 
Fran Brickman. And special thanks to 
my Lasell teachers, Mrs. larrabino and 
Mr. Barbero. . . . Linda Sue Schwartz. 

From Helene Gretchen Nelson: "Have 
recently graduated from Moore College 
of Art in Philadelphia with a B.F.A. in 
fashion design. A garment of mine was 
displayed in Bonwit Teller's window for 
a week in May; also sold a garment 
through a Philadelphia boutique — the 
response has allowed me to make more 
of the same design." 

Christine Flach Ristaino sends "Notes 
for the Class of '71: Patricia Gaston 
and John B. Taylor plan an August 
16th wedding in Ridgewood, N.J. Brides- 
maids will include Laura Flaman 
a Delta flight attendant Miami-based; 
Martha Eddy, who recently accepted 
a secretarial position in Denver; and 
Gail Ciprari Koumanelis '72, who re- 
sides in Southbridge, Ma. In June my 
husband, Ted, received his MBA from 
the University of New Hampshire; has 
accepted a managerial position with a 
Cambridge firm. While working for his 
degree, he and I served as house- 
parents for Alpha Chi Omega sorority at 
the University." 


Nancy Davis has received a B.A. in 
Elementary Education from the Uni- 
versity of Maine. She plans to teach 
this year and to continue working to- 
ward a Master's in Counseling. 


Meg Donohue, a nurse at Mount 
Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, has a 
new address: 54 Rawson Road, Arling- 
ton, Ma. 02174. 

Due to the fact that we had a lot of 
news for this issue, and we are 
limited in space, we are unable to 
print the Reunion Questionnaire re- 
turns in this edition of the Bulletin. 

They will be printed in future issues. 


Reunion — 1975 


Bits and pieces 

Another new face on the College campus 
this Fall is that of DIANE REMIN, the recently 
appointed Director of Lasell's new Student 

Miss Remin is a graduate of Carnegie-Mellon 
University and holds an M.A. in College Student 
Development from George Washington Uni- 
versity. While at Carnegie-Mellon, Miss Remin 
was a dormitory counselor and also held the 
position of Business Manager of a dormitory 
drugstore that she helped to organize. 

At George Washington University, Miss 
Remin served as volunteer coordinator of the 
George Washington Student Volunteer Action 
Council, the "umbrella" organization for all 
student volunteer groups. 

Alumnae help the College in many ways. When 
the incoming freshmen arrived on campus in 
early September they were asked to fill out a 
questionnaire with one of the questions being: 
"How did you FIRST hear about Lasell?" There 
were 15 possibilities to check and after tallying 
the results, 78 freshmen listed "ALUMNAE" as 
their source (which was second only to 
"Through a Friend.") 

So, to our alumnae, once again, many thanks. 


Although Lasell's Alumnae Homecoming Weekend is just around the corner — 
you can still make plans to join us for this gala occasion. We hope to see many 
"new" alumnae faces — and we'll miss the "old" if you don't come. 

The When : October 24, 25 and 26. 

The Why: Grand opening (and naming) of the new Student Center, Art Exhibit, 
River Day, President's Cocktail Party, open houses in dorms and class- 
rooms, Alumnae Dinner, dance and much, much more. 

The Who: YOU! 

Need more information so you can finalize your plans? Contact the Dean of 
Students office at (617) 243-2115. 


there is only one lasell 

In all the world 

there is only one Lasell 



IN 1976? 





Lasell Junior College 

1844 Commonwealth Ave. 
Newton, Massachusetts 02166 

Second-Class Postage 
Paid at Boston, Mass. 
and Additional 
Mailing Offices